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Got Lip Lines? Lose these Habits for a Wrinkle-Free Mouth

An article by Cecile, from the blog Les Confidences de Lizzie

How do you get rid of lip lines? These stubborn wrinkles that seem impossible to conceal or treat affect how many women of any age feel about themselves daily. But you can often greatly reduce them by getting rid of a few bad habits.

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So, don't panic!

ALL TIGERS lipsticks are well known for their natural, vegan formulas and long-lasting wear. But did you know that our beauty expertise goes beyond make-up? We’re here to share beauty tips for a healthy you—and that delicate area around your lips!

Here’s 6 habits to adopt to reduce your lip lines.

All skin is not equal when it comes to lip wrinkles. Genetics and lifestyle both have an effect on how it looks. And certain skin types tend to show their wear and tear a bit faster than others. A bummer! However, bad habits can have a lot to do with how your skin looks. So, what do you need to do to get rid of your lip lines? Here are 6 habits to adopt if you’re looking to reduce the appearance of wrinkles around your mouth.

Wearing too dark a shade of lipstick. If you’ve got lines around your mouth, it's a fatal error!

What to do? Ditch the dark! Avoid wearing dark colors, because the contrast between your lips and around your mouth and is further highlighted—and, as a result, your lip wrinkles, too!

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Certain lipstick colors are truly “anti-wrinkle,” since they are made to give off a more discreet lip line that does wonders for your mouth. The softer and lighter shades of the ALL TIGERS lipstick range will match your skin tone better while giving it a lovely glow. Plus, they won't draw attention to your more sensitive areas! We’re prone to choose beige, peach, or rosewood for a more natural look. If you want just a bit more shine, coral orange or fuchsia are the way to go. 

rouge a levres nude beige rose all tigers

Using a lip liner or pencil is another tip if you’re looking to define your lips and prevent your lipstick from bleeding into the little lines around your mouth. Read our article here on how you can prevent your lipstick from smearing and smudging. 

Smoking is a no-no if you want wrinkle-free lips!

Smokers are much more likely to develop lip lines. One of the reasons why is because the chemicals in cigarettes flow through your bloodstream and impact collagen and elastin synthesis. Skin therefore eventually loses its tonicity and elasticity. The epidermis dries out and loses its shine. This is obviously not unique to tobacco. Other bad habits such as major sun exposure or heavy consumption of alcohol do not help, either.

However, cigarettes don't just affect the skin. It’s the act of smoking that also causes wrinkles. Dragging on a cigarette creates repeated movements that eventually develop lines around your mouth. Once these lines are there, they’re hard to get rid of. If you already have these wrinkles around your mouth, smoking will only deepen them. So, take matters into your own hands and say goodbye to smoking!

Drinking from straws creates the same battle!

Same movement, same results. Drinking from a straw (if we’re talking about plastic) already isn’t great for the planet... But even if you’re using a straw made from paper or bamboo, the effect is the same. You're repeating the same movement—and not helping your lip lines.

Not hydrating or exfoliating your lips? A bad habit that leads to wrinkles!

If you already have lip lines, daily care is a must. Here’s a tip: use anti-wrinkle eye cream for the lack of a better option. Anti-aging eye creams have been specially formulated to help keep sensitive skin areas rejuvenated. And during the day, don’t forget to apply a layer of nutritive chap stick to your lips. This helps the skin on your lips stay hydrated all day long. A fan of plant oils? Great! Your mouth needs hydrating oils like coconut or rosehip to fight against wrinkles and lines. And don’t forget to complete your skin care treatment at night by removing your make-up!

It’s estimated that men have less wrinkles around their mouth because they hydrate their skin daily when shaving—we’ll see how that changes now that beards are all the rage! But beyond that, think about exfoliating on a regular basis. And make lip masks a part of your beauty routine, too (yes, that exists!). By taking care of your skin, it will thank you.

Removing hair around your lips? Be careful!

There’s a need for some of us to wax, and that’s completely understandable! However, be careful about what kind of product you're using. Sugaring and strip waxing are not recommended, since they can accentuate lip lines in the long run.     

Wrinkles around the mouth can also come from your food.

Like always, good skin comes from a healthy lifestyle. This applies to wrinkles around your mouth, too! We therefore recommend eating foods that are rich in antioxidants and vitamin E and C like spinach, cabbage, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, apples, and kiwi.

If you can, choose seasonal fruits and vegetables, since it’s better for the planet. ;-) And if you opt for local, even better!

Do you have lip lines? Do you make healthy living a priority to fight the signs of aging? What do you do to keep your skin rejuvenated?

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