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Our Story



"When my daughter got interested in makeup for the first time, I found that there were very trendy brands but not so eco-friendly on one side, or eco-friendly brands but not very trendy on the other side... Soon enough, I realized that around me many women had gone green for food, for cosmetics, for detergent, but they had not taken the plunge for makeup. Mostly because they didn't feel inspired by the product.

It is often said that over their lifetime, women would eat up to 2kg of lipstick. Even if this figure is a probably extreme, a lipstick is mainly derived from petro-chemicals, other debatable chemical components, or even ingredients from animal origin... Let's just say it would be worth asking what women apply on their lips.

This is how this simple question was born : what if we could create the  PERFECT LIPSTICK, eco-friendly and stylish ? 

I chose the most obvious approach in my opinion: building the project with future customers. On our Instagram page @alltigers_organics they took the power, commented and approved each important decision (formulas, design, colors...) to create a lipstick that is top notch quality in all aspects, while being in line with their values, starting with a natural and organic formula. That's how ALL TIGERS was born.

If we are called ALL TIGERS, it is beacuse we have a lot in common with the tiger, impressive, powerful... and yet so threatened. A bit like us finally, and the choices made by big industries are a good example...

The perfect lipstick is made with fiercely natural or organic ingredients, vegan and cruelty-free formula, combined with the expertise of makeup pros and the recommendations of a whole Instagram community, to create the best possible product. The result is a stylish and committed beauty brand, for the queens of the modern jungle.

We started with lipsticks, but you asked for more. We follow the exact same steps for each of our creations, for lips, nails, and other categories soon, with the same philosophy, the same values. 

I would be happy to get your support, because the adventure promises to be a beautiful one." 

All the best,
Alexis Robillard, Tiger in chief




Why you'll love the ALL TIGERS makeup

  • Formulas that ticks all the boxes, nice to apply, great finish, long hold based on botanical ingredients 
  • Amazing shades, for all styles and all complexions.
  • Packaging with a fiercely stylish design, in materials approved by the natural labels.
  • Up to 100% of natural ingredients depending on the shades, with a maximum from organic farming. Zero ingredients of animal origin. The potentially unnatural ingrédients ? Mostly pigments responsible for the color: they can be natural or synthetic according to the shades, we refuse in particular the usage of the carmine pigment, certainly natural but extracted from cochineal (very used, but yuck!). For nail lacquers, we need to add some synthetic fixing agents, but they are carefully selected to fit with our convictions.
  • 1% of ALL TIGERS turnover is given to Poh Kao association which supports initiatives to protect the wild tiger, our emblem animal, in Rajasthan.