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The story of ALL TIGERS

"The idea for ALL TIGERS came to me with my daughter! When she started to take an interest in make-up, I noticed that on the one hand there were very trendy brands, but not so green, the other, green brands not very trendy... Not easy to choose!

I realized that around me, people of all ages had gone green for food, for facial care, for hygiene products, but without crossing the threshold for makeup. Blame it on an offer that did not inspire them."

Alexis Robillard, Founder & Tiger in chief

“We often read that, in his life, we can ingest up to 2kg of lipstick, either mainly derivatives of petro-chemicals or heavy chemicals, other questionable chemical constituents, ingredients of animal origin... Who wants to put that on those lips?

I chose the most obvious approach in my opinion: build the project with future users. On the Instagram page  @alltigers_organics  or via questionnaires, the community has seized power, commented and approved each important decision (formulas, design, colors...) to create a make-up that is at the top in its qualities of use, while being in accordance with their convictions, starting with a natural formulation. This is how ALL TIGERS was born.

If we are called ALL TIGERS, it means we have a lot in common with the tiger, so impressive, so powerful… and yet so threatens. A bit like us in the end, the choices that manufacturers make for us in particular are a good example of this..."

The perfect makeup is fiercely natural or organic ingredientsvegan et cruelty-free, combined with the expertise of makeup pros and recommendations from an entire Instagram community, to create the best possible product. The result: a stylish and committed beauty brand for queens of the modern jungle. For each product, we follow the same steps of creation with the community, with the same philosophy, the same values. 

I would be happy to have your support, because the adventure promises to be beautiful."

Why you will love your gRRReen makeup

Formulas that tick all the boxes, pleasant to apply, long-lasting and comfortable.

Top colors, intense, chosen by the community, for all styles and skin tones.

Fiercely stylish packaging design, in materials approved by natural labels.

Up to 100% natural ingredients depending on the shades, from organic farming when possible.

Zero animal-derived ingredients. We are obviously opposed to animal testing, in all countries.

1% of ALL TIGERS turnover is donated to an environmental cause, in this case to the Poh Kao Association which supports initiatives to protect the wild tiger and its ecosystem in India.

ALL TIGERS' commitments

> We exist by and for our community. We trust the collective intelligence of those who love and use our products. We are committed to promoting the image of an authentic personality, with all its strength, such as in times of doubt. Our colors are selected with you, to adapt to all styles and skin tones.

> Our formulas must be at the top, pleasant to apply and wear. No false promises: they do what they say. They comply with all regulations and follow a rigorous set of tests to be completely safe.

> Our formulas are green, vegan and cruelty-free, for make-up with a maximum of natural or organic ingredients. We are transparent on the composition of the products.

> Our packaging is fiercely stylish, because it makes us feel good, but with reasoned choices in an eco-responsible approach.

> We donate 1% of our turnover to environmental causes, in this case the preservation of the wild tiger and its ecosystem in Asia, within the framework of the association 1% FOR THE PLANET.


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