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Everything you need to know about ALL TIGERS nail lacquers

ALL TIGERS nail lacquer is our second project, after having launched our lipsticks. And naturally, it upholds the same convictions and values that we’re all about. The challenge? Creating with you quite simply the ideal nail lacquer that's part of the ALL TIGERS signature: green, vegan, and ferociously stylish.

You’ve most likely noticed that when it comes to the category of “super controversial cosmetic,” nail lacquer is close to taking the cake.. All you have to do is check out the most well-reputed sites to see how conventional nail lacquer has found itself at the heart of deep debate regarding its risk of being toxic and made up of potential endocrine disruptors in addition to possibly cancerous substances. Without having to fall into a frenzy, we still have the right look into it.

From there came mainly American nail lacquer brands marked 6-FREE, 7-FREE, etc., to indicate the number of toxic ingredients that were left out of the formula. So the idea was to get rid of adverse ingredients right from the get-go, which should no longer be found or reduced to only completely minimal amounts in “healthy” nail lacquer formulas: so goodbye to formaldehyde and formaldehyde resin, goodbye to toluene and benzophenone, goodbye to dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and styrene, and goodbye to xylene, etocrylene, and octocrylene. However, references to “FREE” do not necessarily mean that the lacquer is made from natural ingredients. It can still use synthetic ingredients, but nothing controversial.


ingredients vernis ongles ALL TIGERS

No, our lab doesn't look quite like that (yet). But that would be cool!

At the same time, the results of our exhaustive nail lacquer study confirmed it: you still want to have a top nail lacquer, one that's long-lasting, with shine and a great choice of colors—exceptional wear remains a must! So the base formula is simple: prioritize green and natural products while using a few synthetic ingredients only when truly necessary.  

ALL TIGERS nail lacquers ingredients

We would have loved to have a 100% natural formula. Like anyone who dreams of an organic nail lacquer (spoiler: it doesn't exist, organic labels aren't actually lacquer). Could it perhaps be the sign of steadfast perfectionism? Except that...well, you want something more natural, but also something that shines, is long-lasting, and has all the qualities of a classic nail lacquer... Instead of being perfect, let’s be intelligent.

We believe that our role doesn't come down to being perfect for the next organic salon, but to do what’s best for you. The mission for ALL TIGERS is to come up with the best possible compromise for a top-notch formula. So don’t box yourself off to just one or the other between natural and conventional cosmetics: opt for natural, and use synthetic elements wisely, to simply combine the best of two worlds. 

Vernis à ongles bio naturel vegan ALL TIGERS

ALL TIGERS defines itself as a 9-FREE vegan formula, made with up to 82% natural or plant-derived ingredients, with zero animal or animal-based products and minimal synthetic ingredients to ensure top quality colors and long-lasting wear. Here’s the lowdown on the ingredients according to their INCI names**

1 / ALL TIGERS formula's active cocktail

GLYCERINE - Plant-based emollient

BAMBUSA ARUNDICA STEM EXTRACT - Bamboo stem extract, source of silicon

CENTELLA ASIATICA - Gotu kola extract, the famous “tiger grass” known for its restorative properties

MALPIGHIA PUNICIFOLIA  - Acerola extract, a “superfruit,” with extremely high antioxidant potency

2 / The formula’s base ingredients

BUTYL ACETATE - Cassava derivative

ETHYL ACETATE - Sugarcane derivative

NITROCELLULOSE - Cotton derivative





AQUA - Water 

ALCOHOL - Natural alcohol



PHOSPHORIC ACID - Helps regulate formula’s PH

SILICA - Ensures balanced texture

SODIUM BENZOATE - Preservative

SORBATE POTASSIUM - Salt of sorbic acid   

3 / Color pigments

CI77891, CI19140, CI 15850 red lake, CI 77742, CI 15880 red 34 lake, CI 60725 Violet 2 - These are names of different synthetic pigments that make up the color. We refuse to use carmine, extracted from the cochineal insect. Like we said, zero animal or animal-based products.

We hope that this information will help you better understand the ingredients that go into our ALL TIGERS nail lacquer formula. But if you want to learn more, here’s just a few more details on how we made it.

The ALL TIGERS 9-free lacquer formula: our main principles

A 9-FREE LACQUER - Our ALL TIGERS nail lacquer is at its very core a 9-FREE lacquer: this means that it is free from any adverse ingredients—some actually already prohibited—that are nevertheless quite common in cosmetics. No benzophenone, no formaldehyde.. in our lacquer. 

A 'GREEN' LACQUER -  But the idea is to go even further, by using as many natural ingredients as possible instead of the synthetic components that are often found in formulas on the market. ALL TIGERS nail lacquers contain up to 74% of natural ingredients, and up to 82% for those that are bio-sourced, which means they’re made from natural derivatives. Cassava, potato, sugarcane: these naturally derived ingredients are perfect alternatives to artificial solvents and are readily available, but not yet used enough. It’s actually not very revolutionary, it's just good sense. The formula only uses synthetic ingredients when it absolutely has to in order to guarantee long-lasting wear and consistent color.

A VEGAN LACQUER - It’s something we firmly uphold: absolutely no animal or animal-based products in our ingredients, especially cochineal-extracted carmine pigment. And we are against animal testing which, while prohibited in Europe, still takes place in other parts of the world. 

AN ACTIVE LACQUER - And the final touch... Do you have brittle, weak, or discolored nails? Do they break easily or lack shine...?  To rejuvenate your nails and bring them back to their original beauty, the ALL TIGERS formula is made up of a nutritive and active cocktail for healthy nails: bamboo, a source of fortifying silicon; acerola, rich in vitamin C, glycerine, a highly nourishing plant, and gotu kola, the famous “tiger grass” with restorative properties.

**INCI? Do you know what that’s all about? It's the list of ingredients, also known as the INCI list. It can be found on the little folded label at the base of the bottle or on every product info sheet on our website.

The INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) is the list of ingredients on all cosmetic packaging as standards require. This allows retailers and customers alike to consolidate a product’s components regardless of its country of origin. The one major inconvenience? These terms aren't understandable for rookies. For those that don't speak INCI, we’ve given you a detailed list above! A jungle queen should know what she's putting on her nails.

Whether you're #TeamBase or #TeamCocktail, the queen of the jungle is YOU. You want to take the reins of ALL TIGERS? There’s one thing you can do: follow us on Instagram and let your voice be heard.  We consult our community every step of the way. Ready to roar? ROAARRR! 

[Photo: Andy Chilton]

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