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Treating Chapped Lips: Effective All-Natural Solutions

Ouch, it hurts! Guest blogger Cécile brought together for you a set of natural methods to overcome chapping. 

How to Fix Chapped Lips?

What Causes Dry or Chapped Lips? 

Lips are obviously a major part of our face. Seeing that lips are made up of very thin skin, they do not have this lipid protective film that protects the epidermis on the rest of the body. Cracked lips are neither pretty nor comfortable, that's undeniable. It must be said that they are subjected to harsh trials between the cold, the wind, the sun... and our bad habits.

Climatic conditions are not the only causes of chapped lips. In fact, a poorly balanced diet, a lack of hydration, bad habits, and stress are also synonymous with damaged lips.

To avoid having chapped lips, it is necessary to pamper them and give them special attention. And it can only furthermore feature your pretty natural and vegan lipstick. Isn't that so?

ALL TIGERS rouge à lèvres - réparer lèvres gercées desséchées

What are Some Tricks to Avoid Having Damaged and Chapped Lips? 

A Healthy and Balanced Diet 

Diet is the basis of healthy skin, and lips are no exception. If you have nutritional deficiencies, your skin will be stretched and parched. It is important to consume fibers and proteins. Moreover, to have nice supple skin, it is essential to pay attention to your consumption of vitamin B2. Indeed, vitamin B2 is involved in the production of keratin. Keratin is a protein that is necessary to have skin, hair, and nails in good condition. Vitamin B2 is present in dairy products, green vegetables, eggs, fish, and certain meats. Sometimes a brewer's yeast supplement can be useful.

Drink Non-Stop   

Lack of hydration is a curse for one's body. We must not forget that our body is composed of more than 60% water. Constantly dry lips are a reminder that your body is lacking water. Drinking more regularly for healthy lips and soft skin is a good start.

Get Rid of Bad Habits

Bad habits are many: we moisten our lips, we nibble at them, or even pick at their skin...Stop right there! If you want a nice healthy mouth, you have to throw these bad habits out the window. The same goes for tobacco or alcohol, which also aggravate lips and make them unhealthier.

Just Relax

Finally, stress is the evil of the century, and it plays on the condition of our skin and our bad habits. No way should your stress affect your mouth. Think about ways to evacuate your stress, such as doing sports, meditation, or doing something that makes you happy. Zen is key!

By paying attention to these aggravating factors, you will treat your chapped or dry lips.

How Can I Moisturize Chapped and / or Damaged Lips? 

There's no secret to finding beautifully smooth and supple lips: just moisturize and nourish them daily. As a big fan of ALL TIGERS, I immediately think of natural remedies. In fact, I do what I can to naturally heal my afterwards put on ALL TIGERS natural vegan lipstick!

1> Castor oil to help chapped lips

Among the many benefits of organic castor oil, we know of its ability to heal chapped lips. Its omega 3 content strengthens the rejuvenation properties of damaged skin in particular. Nothing surprising to find out that this magical oil, in organic version, is a main ingredient of ALL TIGERS lipstick, for lips that remain comfortable, without getting dried out throughout the day.

2> What vegetable oils are used to treat chapped lips?

Nourish your lips with FAT: this is definitely a good plan if you want to get rid of dry lips permanently. As an alternative to castor oil, olive oil is used often, but apricot oil is not far behind, as well as avocado oil, sweet almond oil, macadamia oil, argan oil, or sesame oil. However, of all the vegetable oils, there is one that seems to me unavoidable: jojoba oil.

Organic jojoba oil is very useful when lips are damaged and dehydrated. Jojoba oil is the wax contained in the jojoba seed. It is essentially cultivated in South America. Jojoba oil is a true beauty ally, it possesses healing and nourishing virtues. By the way... It is present in the ALL TIGERS lipsticks formula! 

Like castor oil, jojoba oil is ideal for small skin blemishes such as chapped lips. To fill the chapping and other small cracks, place the natural 100% vegetable oil directly on the thin skin of the mouth. Did you know that jojoba oil strengthens skin? Leave it on your lips overnight. The next morning, your lips will be beautiful, smooth, and ready to receive the matte lipstick of your choice. And what's better? castor oil and jojoba oil are at the heart of the ALL TIGERS formula! How great is it, to blend two 100% natural vegetable oils for permanently comfortable lips.

2> Organic shea butter for hydrated lips

Shea butter has many virtues: it is moisturizing, nourishing and restorative. It is used on the whole body from head to toe. Shea butter provides elasticity to the epidermis. In addition, it is an excellent protector against UV rays, wind, and cold. Inexpensive, it is natural and can be easily preserved. In short, a natural moisturizing product to always have on hand. Coconut butter, or plain yogurt are also excellent alternatives for an effective lip mask.

3> Moisturize your lips with organic cucumber

Much less known, cucumber has proven to be a great healer of irritated and damaged lips. In fact, cucumber is soaked with water. As a result, it is perfect for moisturizing the driest areas. It is often used to relieve swelling around the eyes but often not our first choice when we want to relieve dehydrated and chapped lips. Just gently rub the cucumber slices on your lips or leave them on for a few minutes. You'll see inflammations such as chapping and crevices disappear. It is suggested to do this several times a day. Similarly, fresh organic cucumber juice works on damaged lips. In the same cool category, we will also mention Aloe Vera... Moreover present In the ALL TIGERS natural and vegan lipstick formula.

Soft scrub for chapped lips

Lip scrub is essential to remove dead skin and have a smooth mouth. Scrub also makes your lipstick last longer. Yes, we must take care of our lips so they're in tip-top shape! We often forget this step, yet making a gentle lip scrub is super easy and fast. I suggest doing a gentle lip exfoliation at least once a week for the best results.

How to make a soft lip scrub? It only takes 3 ingredients to make a moisturizing and restorative lip scrub. Take 10 grams of red sugar, 5 ml of olive oil or jojoba oil (unrefined extra virgin), and 5 grams of honey. Mix it all together and then apply this mixture directly on your lips with your finger, in soft and circular movements. Finally, rinse with lukewarm water.

Making a lip scrub once a week is essential to having glowing lips. Exfoliating and hydrating them are two key steps for a healthy and glamorous mouth.

Chapped Lips: good choice of lipstick

As always, it is very important to pay attention to the makeup products we use. Indeed, some lipsticks dry out the lips, especially formulas that are saturated with crude oils and silicone: we love how they apply easily and don't smudge, but hello dried, uncomfortable, and chapped lips!

If you tend to get dry lips, it is best to chose lipsticks with formulas that prioritize nourishment over duration and that are rich in vegetable oils. That's the whole idea of the ALL TIGERS Range, for they matte lipsticks enriched with vegetable oils to ensure long-lasting wear and comfort. Natural methods against chapped lips are numerous and do not fail: you no longer have any excuse!

Do you have parched lips and / or chapped lips? What are your natural remedies? Did you know the cucumber tip? What vegetable oil do you use to moisturize your skin? 

Cécile, from the blog Les confidences de Lizzie

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[Photo Arun Kuchibhotla]

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Will a vitamin b2 (riboflavin) supplement help with prolonged and chronic chapped, dry, and cracked lips???I’m currently on my 2nd day of taking them because my lips have been chapped and been shrinking in fullness despite consistent water drinking, and frequent use of lip balm and vaseline. Riboflavin always comes up as the main component for the cause and treatment of severe cases of chapped and cracked lips.

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