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3 Tricks to Remove Your Long-Lasting Lipstick

Now a regular event, Cécile from the blog Les Confidences de Lizzie shares with us her weekly beauty tips. 

ALL TIGERS easy-matte liquid lipsticks are known to be strong and long-lasting. No wonder: the Instagram community that co-created the brand made it known that it was constantly looking for the most resistant matte lipstick. So, in response, I thought it useful to share my 3 beauty tricks for a quick and efficient makeup removal.

What's an Easy Way to Remove Long-Lasting Lipstick?

Cleansing Oil to Remove Matte Lipstick

My first advice is to always have a cleansing oil on hand. These solutions have in the past few years made their place in our bathrooms because they remove makeup gently. Actually, to easily take off an oil-based lipstick easily, it's a good idea to apply a fatty substance on the lips. Fat vs. fat! A water-based makeup remover is therefore not effective. Opt for a vegetable-based oil or a dual-phase remover.

Don't have cleansing oil on hand? Coconut oil, grape seed oil, or olive oil are good choices. In this article's comments, you also quoted jojoba oil as the leading alternative. 

Lip Balm to Remove Long-Lasting Lipstick  

Lip balm as a makeup remover? It's a little-known beauty tip, useful for removing particularly resistant liquid lipsticks. Thanks to its high-fat composition, lip balm makes lipstick removal easy and gentle. To do this, simply spread a layer of lip balm over your lipstick, then wipe it off with a cotton pad or tissue. It can be repeated if necessary. As a final step, wet a cotton pad and / or tissue to remove the last of the residue. You will soon see that this tip is ultra efficient. Lip balm is a multi-purpose savior for both summer and winter. An extra tip: cocoa butter has the same properties; that's always  good to know! :D

Lip Scrub, an Effective Makeup Remover!

Did you know that lip scrub could also be a top makeup remover? Just like its key to regularly exfoliate lips for better lipstick wear, scrub also is great to remove it! By applying a scrub to your lips, it will get rid of dead skin, irregularities, and any stain you've left on your lips. As a result, exfoliation helps makeup be removed more easily while it also smooths and nourishes lips. A 2-in-1 beauty tip to hold on to dearly!

I've shared with you 3 beauty tricks to keep in mind for a practical and immediate lipstick removal. They're always useful when it comes to taking off lipsticks such as ALL TIGERS, which are so resilient. Besides, it might help for other aspects of life! Check out our tips on how to remove a lipstick stain from furniture or fabric.

Do you have any other tips on how to remove matte lipstick?

Cécile, from the blog Les Confidences de Lizzie

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Pour faire suite à cet article , l huile démaquillante ne suffit pas il faut aussi un nettoyant doux pour bien nettoyer . L huile de coco est comedogene , plutôt réserver pour les cheveux . L huile de jojoba serait mieux :-)

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