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Why Should You Choose a Vegan Lipstick?

An article by Cecile, from the blog Les confidences de Lizzie

When you see the word “vegan” across a skin cream or lipstick, you suddenly realize that there are indeed animal-based ingredients in our cosmetics. What?! Animal-based ingredients in my beauty products? The average woman swallows up to 2 kilos of lipstick in her lifetime... So, what are we actually eating?

It’s true that the vegan trend has been popping up everywhere recently. Being vegan is not about being holier-than-thou or making others feel guilty about their choices. Being vegan is about reflecting on the consequences of consuming living creatures. Food is obviously the first sector to be affected by this philosophy, though it’s far from being the only one. Veganism is more than just a fad. It’s something that many woman and men are adopting once they’ve come to realize its importance.

Rouge à lèvres vegan

When Everyone and Their Mother Is Suddenly a Nutritionist

The motivation for becoming vegan can certainly vary from person to person. Everyone has their own reason why, and some people have many. Some of these reasons include:

  • Defending animal rights: Objecting to the exploitation of animals in all its forms. This affects and can include the way we eat, the way we dress, and the way we seek out entertainment (avoiding, for example, controversial activities such as visiting the zoo, the circus, or bullrings).
  • Reducing one’s carbon footprint: The meat and dairy industry is one of the world’s biggest polluters. Going vegan therefore directly impacts the environment for the better.
  • For one's health: Various studies have shown that we eat way too much meat, particularly poorly produced meat, which is chock-full of various hormones.
  • Seeking out transparency: Many animal-based products go unmentioned by manufacturers and are handed over to consumers without their knowing. Like, what's the deal with apples being coated with animal-based dyes?

Vegan is also making its mark in the world of beauty, with a growing supply of vegan cosmetics. This has given way to vegan treatments and vegan makeup. And it leads everyone to ask, “so what animal products are in my makeup bag?” A growing number of women are now inquiring about the benefits of vegan lipsticks... But what is it, exactly? And why choose vegan cosmetics? Is it more effective? More ethical? What do you need to know about the vegan trend?

Why should you choose a vegan lipstick?

What even is a vegan lipstick? 

Well, vegan lipsticks respect some very concrete rules: 

  • absolutely no animal or animal-based ingredients.
  • By choosing a vegan product, you’re choosing—even indirectly—to reject all animal exploitation. When it comes to vegan, none of the ingredients or the final product are subject to animal testing. While this is banned throughout Europe for every brand, we’ve got to ask: what about exported products?

But what is in non-vegan lipsticks in the first place? What kind of practices are in place?

When we meet others and let them know about our ALL TIGERS vegan lipsticks, we are often asked, “So what are the animal-based ingredients in classic lipsticks...?”  In another one of our blog articles, you’ll find the list of animal ingredients found in traditional cosmetics. You’d be surprised! Some are commonplace, while others are much more surprising...and not very appetizing.

Are the animal ingredients carmine and lanolin in your lipstick? 

Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly used animal-based ingredients in makeup and lip care.

Carmine is a deep red pigment. It is extracted from the cochineal insect, a parasite that lives on cacti in South and North America. The cochineal insect secretes carmine when it finds itself threatened to protect itself from predators. Yep. You got it. This dye is made up of the dried and then crushed bodies of female cochineal. And it’s often used in cosmetics. But it hides itself well, listed as CARMINE or CARMINIC ACID in ingredient lists and under the code name E120 in food. So yeah, it’s natural, but not without risk, since it can cause allergies. Plus, it’s not very transparent.  

Lanolin can also be listed as ADEPS LANAE. This ingredient, which in layman’s terms is wool wax, is a greasy substance obtained from the wool of sheep. This wax is secreted by the sebaceous glands of this wool-bearing animal. Up to you to decide if you’re thrilled about putting sheep grease on your lips...

Hive products such as wax or honey are also found in certain lipsticks. Certain practices, far from the picturesque image of a healthy hive in an open field tended to by a dedicated beekeeper, raise eyebrows. Poisoning bees before harvest, cutting the wings off queens to guarantee they stay in the hive, replacing the honey with simple glucose syrup in winter which does little to correctly provide for the hive, purposefully destroying the colony before the new season... Though you may know beekeepers that love their work and respect their bees, you can’t forget about the more industrial side of things that can often be quite controversial.

Not All Vegan Brands Are Green Bands! 

Be careful, certain brands will take you for a real dummy sometimes. Vegan does not mean natural! By definition, yes, a product that's 100% synthetic is vegan.

In the United States, the natural and vegan philosophies are so deep-rooted that they evolve independent of each other. It’s therefore not uncommon to find American vegan brands that are very artificial.

We embrace a more European vision, for makeup that is vegan AND natural. But even in Europe, you’ve got to watch out, since there are some hoodwinkers that will declare a product “vegan” to give the impression that it’s more natural, when in fact it’s a blend of good old synthetic silicone.

Not All Green Brands Are Vegan Brands!

Some organic and natural brands have a long way to go before “ethical” can be a part of their motto, seeing as they haven’t yet gotten rid of animal-based ingredients in their products and widely accept them as part of their standards. A lipstick that is certified organic is sure to contain carmine from the cochineal insect, because this is the only red pigment that is validated by organic labels. ALL TIGERS products are therefore just a step away from organic, though we put our foot down when it came to using carmine extract as a way to spare the insect.

Is the vegan official label required? Not necessarily!  

Many private labels are around to identify vegan products. They are useful, as they’re popularizing and paving the way for vegan cosmetics. This said, they mostly function through having the brand declare their vegan choice before a logo is stamped on its packaging. It’s a huge investment for us to have someone tell us something we already know.

Vegan labels are also only focused on the strict definition of the word vegan: zero animal-based ingredients. But once again, this does not in any way guarantee that the vegan product is also natural.

ALL TIGERS has decided against the V-label, opting instead to add a statement of our commitment on our packaging. Maybe one day we’ll take this step... Please let us know if this is a game changer for you!

The New Generation of Vegan Makeup.

Creating a natural AND vegan lipstick therefore presented a challenge, but ALL TIGERS rose to the occasion! We strongly believe that, when possible, it is better to opt for beauty products that encompass both. Ethical and healthy? You deserve it. And good news! Green and vegan cosmetics are far from bland! They are just as beautiful, just as stylish, and just as long-lasting as conventional alternatives. So why deprive yourself?

Rouge à lèvres vegan ALL TIGERS

As you know, this is the ultimate goal of ALL TIGERS: to make a perfectly natural and vegan lipstick that’s stylish and respectful of women's convictions and wants. Applying a green and vegan lipstick is an absolute delight. So soft, so smooth, so rich! Its plant-based formula made up of a cocktail of plant oils is just the icing on the cake. And that’s pretty lit.

Vegan Lipsticks: A Range of Colors

True or false? Vegan lipsticks are limited to just a few colors. We can all see that that’s obviously false! There are just as many vegan shades are there are conventional. Your challenge for the day? Choose your favorite vegan lipstick colors!

The Best Vegan Lipsticks = The Best Conventional Lipsticks

Long-lasting wear? Check. Deep, rich colors? Check. Comfortable cover? Check. ALL TIGERS is proud to show you that a vegan version can respond to everything you want from a lipstick.

Vegan Makeup: Eye-catching Packaging at Last

Is this the end of the overused kraft paper look? ALL TIGERS has joined other brands in choosing the green and vegan philosophy until the very end. This means sustainable material paired with a stylish appearance. That way, you’re respecting our incredibly fragile planet while you paint your pout. This is what makes the ALL TIGERS brand from lipstick to packaging the king of the cosmetics jungle. How could you possibly now say no to vegan?

Vegan Lipsticks at the Best Price

We often think that vegan lipsticks are expensive, but this has been proven wrong long ago. You can find vegan at any price range. Ethical cosmetics are within reach for everyone, to guarantee the well-being for all.

Vegan Beauty Is an Ethical Choice

Vegan makeup says no to animal-based ingredients, no to animal exploitation, and no to animal testing everywhere. So, while the latter is indeed banned in Europe, it doesn't stop leading brands from exporting their product to other countries to have them tested on animals. Let’s be completely honest then and recognize that these tests are not yet a thing of the past—even for brands we see on shelves in Europe.

Vegan brands refuse to take part of this lucrative exportation. This ethical decision may be felt on the financial level, but it’s the right choice. Everything we do today is meant to bring you joy while respecting animals and the environment.

And the best of vegan beauty is working to shake things up in traditional cosmetics. This is seen in the quality of their products, the beauty of their packaging, and the affordability of it all today. So, why wait? Are you ready to make the move over to vegan cosmetics?

Cécile, from the blog Les Confidences de Lizzie

Whether you’re #TeamAnimalLover or #TeamPlanetLover, the queen of the jungle is YOU. You want to take the reins of ALL TIGERS? Just follow us on Instagram and let your voice be heard.  We consult our community every step of the way. Ready to roar? ROAARRR!

Photo: Simon Matzing

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