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What’s the Best PINK Lipstick for Brunettes?

An article by our guest blogger Cecile, from Les Confidences de Lizzie.

It’s likely that every brunette has at one time pondered the existential question: “Can I pull off a pink lip?” Is this color reserved for blondes with lighter skin tones? Well, you’re in luck, since we’ll be diving deep into the subject today! We’ll also take a look at which shades go best with your beautiful hair...

Auburn, chestnut, caramel, or even almost-black, there’s so many variations of brown hair that the question deserves to be studied. Certain hair hues are better complemented by specific lipstick colors, so it’s normal to ask where pink has its place. How do you know which shade looks best on you?

Pink Shades that Go Best with Brunettes 

Pink has an importance place on the color chart. Between neon pink, dusty pink, pastel pink, and everything in between, there’s a long-lasting opaque lipstick shade for every brunette around.

Got a lighter complexion? More discreet in nature? The sensuousness of beige, the freshness of pink, there’s just that bit of je ne sais quoi to this incredible nude. With its shade wavering between beige and blush, this color is the perfect balance of nuance and shine. An absolute beauty trend to follow and perfect for everyday or special events. 

Got a big personality? With this flashy pink, your lips will not go unnoticed! Though often considered girly and young, this particular bubblegum pink reveals its nobility through a strong, matte version. Wear it loud and proud or with more serious garb to tone down the look. This pink goes well with any complexion that dares to try it! 

Used to a classic red, but tempted to try pink? This darker pink is the perfect shade for any brunette. While it is most certainly pink, there’s a touch of red to render the look even more elegant. For those looking for a trendy but casual look, this color is for you. 

Got an olive skin tone or sun-kissed by the summer? This lively pink with orange undertones is ideal for dark and olive complexions. Coral pink lipstick is back! It is loved by many for its amazing ability to bring some plump into your pout. And benefit number two: you can wear this color confident that you’re not making any fashion faux pas, since this shade has been seen on the lips of many red-carpet stars.

Looking for energy in lipstick form? This classic fuchsia has made its way into our hearts for its endless shine and lively spirit. It’s a bright lipstick that knows how to blend modernity and fierce femininity. Wear with a nude or easy eye for a look screaming sophistication. This pop of color is great for darker skin tones and / or for those looking to make their voice heard!

So, the verdict? Pink is perfectly suited for brunettes! It adds an automatic glow to any look and polishes off a lip. Choose from its various shades to find a style that suits you best. With pink, you can be sweet, simple, electric, rocker, sexy—or anything in between! 

Whether you’re #TeamNudeSienna or #TeamPinkCoral, the queen of the jungle is YOU. You want to take the reins of ALL TIGERS? Just follow us on Instagram and let your voice be heard.  ALL TIGERS creates its brand by consulting the Instagram community every major step of the way. Ready to roar? ROAARRR!

[Photo Amy Shamblen]

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