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How to strengthen your nails?

My nails are breaking, how can I strengthen them?

Why are my nails breaking? We've all asked ourselves this question before. Sometimes it's the insignificant everyday gestures that do us more harm than good. Sometimes it will be fatigue that will reflect on your hands, iron, zinc and even calcium deficiency will make your brittle nails. And other times it will just be about your way of being, your habits. Biting them, tapping a table, scraping off the old varnish... A day of doing household chores and your hands will behave like sponges, absorbing water and detergents, which will leave your soft nails and fragile. These are all gestures that damage your nails. But then, how do you strengthen your nails on a daily basis?

Strengthen your nails from the inside

In the same way that we put a bandage on a wound, we will first seek to heal our nails from the outside. We're going to apply a repairing cream to them, dip them in a nourishing oil... What if the solution was also inside?

Silicon, minerals: to strengthen your nails naturally

Silicon, minerals, vitamin B8 (or biotin), are all fundamental elements of our body. For example, in order to improve the condition of the skin or to combat hair loss, biotin contributes to nail care by making them thicker and therefore less brittle.

A varied diet is often enough to have the right dose of these essential constituents. But sometimes this is not the case and deficiencies can set in. We notice it by the fact of losing more hair than usual, but also by more fragile, softer, striated nails... To correct these worries, it is possible to adjust your meals with ingredients rich in these different elements. For example, you can introduce more egg yolks, legumes (peas, beans, lentils, etc.), offal, nuts and seeds, etc. Strengthening your nails while pleasing your taste buds, isn't that great?

But if you don't have time to cook good meals, don't panic, there is a simpler and faster method. Indeed, it is also possible to make a cure with the help of food supplements. It is a remedy that you can start whenever you want and so find strong and healthy nails.

ALL TIGERS infusion: the combination of plants at the service of your nails

Let go of prejudices and harness the power of plants. Herbal teas aren't just for your great aunt! Their benefits are not limited to sleep, either. Because infusion is the oldest way, and probably one of the most effective, to extract the active ingredients from plants. 

And plants have many benefits for the body. L’infusion scratch ALL TIGERS for example could well become one of your essentials. Because in addition to having a taste to die for, both subtle and spicy, it is good for your body. Some of its ingredients like bamboo, barley and bean are rich in essential components for the natural growth of skin appendages, i.e. nails, hair, etc.

But it does not stop there, if you are afraid of lacking vitality by drinking herbal tea for breakfast, trust its spices. Ginger, turmeric and pink and black pepper will bring you the energy of a tiger every morning. Add to that the powers of the goji berry to the radiance of your skin and the antioxidant effect and you will get the perfect combo for your body.

infusion ALL TIGERS

So whether it's part of your morning routine, take the time to enjoy your hot drink. Take this habit every day, or only for a cure. Nothing better than a natural infusion to do good to the morale, but also in the whole body.

The top coat varnish to protect your nails

Prevention is better than cure, we have all heard this phrase before. Well, for the nails, it's the same. Preparing and protecting them is essential to their health.

To be impeccable to the tips of your nails, it is essential to follow certain steps. Among them, the application of a base coat and a top coat.

  • The base coat, as its name suggests, is to be applied first, at the start of the manicure. This first layer will take care of take care of your nails and prepare them to receive the color. By applying your base coat you will smooth the surface of the nail so that the application of the color is impeccable.
  • The top coat, meanwhile, is applied last, above the color. It will ensure a perfect finish. This third step will protect your polish and your nails. You will get a longer hold. Your color will be brighter and stronger.

And for simplicity, there is two-in-one polishes, like our top coat PUNCH THE AIR | 190 . This transparent varnish includes base and top coat in a single bottle. Use its "one-shot" brush for a precise dosage adapted to all nail shapes. It is applied before and after your color for optimal preparation and rendering. Don't want to color your nails? No problem, this 2-in-1 top coat can also be applied alone. In a single pass, it will give you a shiny and natural finish. And all this, without animal testing and with 82% of ingredients of natural or organic origin.

But it does not stop there. In addition to saving you time, this polish has many active care ingredients, such as nourishing glycerin, vitamin-rich acerola, restorative centella asiatica and fortifying bamboo that will pamper your nails. Good for you and for the planet, this base/top coat will make you roar with pleasure.

vernis à ongles transparent ALL TIGERS

Say goodbye to brittle nails with these natural tips! Now you know how to strengthen your nails while taking care of yourself. To be beautiful to the end of the claws. Grrrr!


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