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IMPOSE YOUR VISION: our series of interviews with powerful women

IMPOSE YOUR VISION: this is the mantra of our first mascara, and it is also the common thread of a series of interviews with women who impress and inspire us with the courage and determination at work in their journey and the projects they carry. The messages they carry are essential. 


On March 8, the international women's rights day will again be an opportunity to put forward the necessary battles for de jure and de facto equality between women and men. And thehe cosmetics industry, because it shapes imaginations and whether or not it reinforces stereotypes, has an obvious responsibility.

It all started for the ALL TIGERS team with one observation: there are many brands that give their mascaras girly or unnecessarily sexualized names... And that inevitably raises the question: are we still there? The gaze of women, is it really just that? 

When we wanted to christen our 1st mascaras, we asked our community, and their answer seemed very clear. They chose two powerful and evocative mantras: IMPOSE YOUR VISION, and EXPRESS YOUR VIEWS. Imposing one's vision, expressing one's point of view, making one's voice heard... If our make-up can, in its modest measure, inspire everyone in their personal struggles, victories and trials, it is a source of immense pride for us. 

We wanted to give the floor to women who impress us, who inspire us, who make us want to move because they have set themselves serious professional and personal challenges, and dare to take the light and chart their course. They express their point of view and impose their vision, and their words can inspire others to do so. Good reading ! 

- Kelly Massol, founder of Secrets of Loly

- Tcommetherese, multi-faceted artist

- Justine Choquer, photographer

- Shirley Billot, founder of Kadalys

- Marine Obin-Ratto, fondatrice de Purpause

- Solène Tartivelle, painter

Do you want to be an actor or actress in the ALL TIGERS adventure? Nothing's easier : subscribe now to our instagram page and make your voice heard. We consult with our community at every key brand milestone. Ready to roar? ROAAARRRR! 


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