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"The job of photographer is neither masculine, nor feminine, nor non-binary" | Justine Choquer, photographer

[IMPOSE YOUR VISION] She looks at the world through her camera, and observes how the hypersexualization of women remains a central issue in the world of fashion and cosmetics. At the meeting of Justine Choquer, photographer and Tiger at heart. 

interview photographe justine choquer

You introduce yourself ?

My name is Justine Choquer and I am a fashion photographer. Age is not a primary factor in showing up in my eyes, so I'll leave that hanging. As a young active woman, my life and my work are punctuated by encounters.

A woman's view of the world, of society... What impact do you think it has, what does it change compared to a predominant male gaze / vision?

A vision coming from a woman is perhaps more "all-encompassing". Perhaps more respectful of each person, whether you are a woman, a man, or a non-binary person. I also think there would be more acceptance, more freedoms, but above all more equality.

And about your activity today, is it a particularly masculine area? What makes your female gaze different to your field?

I'm lucky to have a job where I don't very often feel this "male-led" side like some jobs. The profession of photographer is neither masculine, nor feminine, nor non-binary in my eyes. It is an artistic profession. The artistic professions seem to me to be less locked into this idea of "such profession = such genre".

My vision as a woman in my work is simply reflected in the images I produce. And for example, I'm much more inspired by women. If I hadn't been a woman, would I have been inspired by something else? Maybe yes, maybe no. Being a woman has always inspired me too. I want and I always wanted through my work, to show ALL women.

Your view on… the cause of women : what needs to move, what needs to move further?

WOW! Certainly the most complicated question. I could provide a very long answer but it would take a lot more than an interview to formulate it. We will therefore stick to a short answer that seems essential to me: respect for women.

Your view on… the cosmetics industry : what are your points of astonishment or revolt? what do you think should move?

The first thing to change for me is Make it clear to everyone that makeup: IT'S FOR EVERYONE. By the way All Tigers, when do we get started? ;)

The bull shit marketing of "women's skincare", "makeup exclusively for women": stop!!

The sexualization of women also in this world is to be banned. The speech of "we must make our customers dream": stop!

Your gaze on… mascara (or makeup in general): what does it mean to you?

This is my favorite makeup product! And I'm not saying that to please you. For me it is the product that will directly awaken any look. It adapts to all desires and needs: lengthening, volumizing, waterproof, black, transparent, brown, blue, green... it adapts to anyone and anytime.

And to conclude: ALL TIGERS has 2 mascaras, a volume version "IMPOSE YOUR VISION", a length version "EXPRESS YOUR VIEWS", which one would you choose? Why ?

I have already chosen! And this is the Express Your Views. But I really want to try the second one.

Thank you Justine! 

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