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"We must continue to move the lines" | Kelly Massol of Secrets of Loly

[IMPOSE YOUR VISION] Loly's Secrets, the brand dedicated to textured hair that she founded, is what is called a "game-changer". Kelly Massol is an iconic figure among female cosmetics entrepreneurs. Meeting with a Tiger with deep-rooted convictions. 

You introduce yourself ?

I'm Kelly Massol, the founder of the natural brand Loly's secrets, created in 2009 and intended for women with wavy, curly, curly, frizzy hair. In 12 years, we have become one of the French leaders natural textured hair.

What impact do you think a woman's view of the world has?

When one vision predominates, it particularly creates a world of boxes or codes: if these are defined with a male vision, women do not recognize themselves in it. This gives costumes that are too big or too small in which we constantly try to slip into, it's very anxiety-provoking, if we don't take the necessary step back;

And on your activity today, what does it bring that it is the gaze of a woman?

So no, my world is not a particularly masculine domain... However, in 'cosmetic industry' there is the word industrial and so you have to be ready to challenge yourself and have a lot of male contacts, with the power to make things happen or not.

Your view on... the cause of women: what needs to move, what still needs to move forward

First what is the cause of women? Each woman has her problems. We have a few common ones, that's for sure, like don't need the male validation to be credible, having the right to do what you want with your body when you want, making your own decisions and not being judged for doing it.

Sharing the mental load when you have children, having the same power in your relationship regarding life decisions not whoever brings the most money to the table. Equality and balance everywhere on all subjects in fact!

Your view on… the cosmetics industry: what do you think should change?

I wouldn't pretend to know what should move, I think the world of industry has already moved. It has been disrupted by consumers or 'consumers', who have created their own brands, to bring a new look, a new way of communicating, of manufacturing products, a new sensoriality and galenic. We must continue to move the lines, it will come from independent brands and not groups.

Your look on the mascara...?

So mascara was my childhood love: one touch, and your eyes light up, and I was ready! The older I get - I'm 38 -, the more I wear makeup, the more time I take to. It wasn't age that caused this in me, it is rather the moment of self care, where you face yourself and reflect your mood, or your goal, on your makeup. I sincerely admire those who know how to make up, the new generation are
artists, and expresses itself through make up!

And to conclude: ALL TIGERS has 2 mascaras, do you choose volume or length?

I have a lot of eyelashes but they are short so for me it will be "EXPRESS YOUR VIEWS" length mascara. I love the name!

Thanks Kelly!

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