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5 Tips to Do Up Your Eyes...With Lipstick!

Our GREEN METAL 989 “STEAL THE SHOW” lipstick has provoked a fair amount of interest and has revealed to be the topic of many conversations! How is it that such a unique lipstick exists that’s also 100% natural, 100% vegan, and 100% long-lasting?

ALL TIGERS tiger eye turquoise 989

Makeup professions have told us time and time again that they’ve adopted this lipstick...but not just for lips! Green Metal has become a favorite eye makeup! We asked Nelly and Alexandra from holistic beauty lab Make My Beauty how you can use this fabulous color in a new way to create a statement look for your holiday parties. 

ALL TIGERS make my beauty

Alexandra and Nelly from Make My Beauty. We adore them!

So, keep your eyes on the prize and check out these 5 easy pro makeup tips Alexandra and Nelly share with us for gorgeous eye-catching makeup! 

Innovative Eye Shadow for Texture and Long-lasting Wear  

“Apply a dab of Green Metal lipstick to the outside corner of your eyelid and, with your finger or a flat brush, spread it out evenly towards your inner corner. This will create a long-lasting and unique look for your eyes.”

Step Up Your Smoky Eye

“The Green Metal lipstick is that perfect touch to add to your standard makeup for a metallic makeup look. Blend the lipstick with your favorite dark eye shadow, or gently daub it on top of any already done-up eye with a flat brush. Feel free to apply your ideal amount of Green Metal makeup to intensify or soften your look.”

ALL TIGERS rouge à lèvres vert turquoise bleu 989

An Electrifying and Intense Eyeliner

“If you’re looking to really make a statement, use the Green Metal lipstick as an eyeliner. Apply a fine line at the base of your eyelid, starting with a thicker stroke at the outer edge and thinning out towards the inner corner. You can also make it winged for a great cat eye look.”

Pair with a Pencil for a Mysterious Eye

“Apply your favorite black eye pencil to your upper and lower lashes. After this, apply a bit of Green Metal to a thin brush and lightly trace over your penciled lines. This ‘faux-black’ will give your eyes a mysterious come-hither look.”

A Spot of Light on Dark Eyelids for a Fierce Pop

“Place just a spot of Green Metal lipstick centered just above your applied eyeshadow. With your fingers, blot it a bit so it blends with your eyeshadow for a touch of light that highlights your iris and makes your eyes shine.”

Please note that lipsticks are (unsurprisingly) thought up, developed, and tested for lip application. If you decide to test it out on your eyelids, you are using it differently from its intended purpose. This is not insignificant. So, use different brushes for each area of your face to ensure you are applying your makeup in the most hygienic way possible.

Thanks Nelly and Alexandra for these incredible tips! Discover the Make My Beauty universe at

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