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How to Rock the Mix & Match Nails Trend

With our guest blogger Cécile from Confessions de Lizzie

Bare your claws! This call exemplifies the ALL TIGER philosophy of natural and vegan formulas. But it also brings to mind the trendiest element of anyone’s make-up bag: nail lacquer! 

Why wear one nail lacquer color when you can wear many at the same time?! Mix and match nails is this summer’s super fun beauty trend. But keep in mind that this isn't done willy-nilly; carefully select your multicolor manicure for a cool and coordinated look. You no longer need to be mutually exclusive with one color. Pick your favorites, mix it up, and have fun!

Manicure mix & match, instructions for use

What are mix & match nails? 

A mix & match manicure uses many lacquer colors for one hand. With this trend, you can let your creativity run wild...but not too wild. Because if there’s “mix” there’s also “match.” Harmony is key.

A Few Tips before You Begin Your Multicolor Manicure

  • Take care of your hands and nails
  • Make sure you have a good amount of time ahead of you to properly apply your nail lacquer…
  • File your nails beforehand to ensure they’re all a similar length,
  • Get rid of lacquers that peel and chip!
  • And opt for seasonal and trendy colors.

3 Ways to Do a Mix & Match Manicure    

Mix & match option number one: the two-tone manicure. Each hand sports its own color for a unique but well-paired look. 

This summer, fresh colors are all the rage, with coral, pink, and fuchsia topping the list. You could then have one hand pink and one hand coral, or one hand fuchsia and the other red. Play with your favorite colors while keeping shades close for a more personalized look. 

Mix & match option number two: the arty manicure. Every nail boasts an exciting new color! 

Tired of the monochrome look to your nails? This choice is then right up your alley, with the multicolor mix & match trend. You can now apply a different color to each finger. Is it daring? Yes! Is it stylish? Of course! A mismatched but harmonized hand will be sure to turn many heads with its “Wow” factor. This manicure is unique, modern, and so very in vogue. And with the ALL TIGERS range, you can select 5 different shades that go well together and emphasize your nails. Option number 2 is certainly the choice for creatives and so-called wafflers.

Mix & match option number three: no rules! 

With bold mantras and striking colors such as “Take Your Chance” and “Hit it Big,” the ALL TIGERS lacquer range guarantees an incredible nail experience. You choose your look. Pick a subtle pink to go with a strong coral orange, or mix two flashier hues together! For example, we’re fans of twinning fuchsia and coral pink. Think about bright and summery blends, like a bold red with a soft pink. What’s stopping you from painting 3 nails the same color and 2 nails of another? Have fun! And what about stickers? Add some fun designs to your nails for a first-rate finish. What are this year’s elected colors? Fuchsia and coral, for sure. In the end, what really counts is that

The mix & match trend lets you shake up your look with originality and style. But one thing is for sure: we haven’t yet heard the end of this beauty trend... So, treat yourself with a green & vegan lacquer for five-star nails.

What do you think about this nails trend? Are you inspired?

Whether you’re #TeamUni or #TeamMulti, the queen of the jungle is YOU. You want to take the reins of ALL TIGERS? Just follow us on Instagram and let your voice be heard. We consult our community every step of the way. Ready to roar? ROAARRR!

[Photo Analia Baggiano]

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