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The Best Natural and Organic Sunscreens

With Cécile, our guest blogger of the blog Les Confidences de Lizzie

Ok, you are like a wild beast, tender with thick leather, and nothing scares you. You are a Tiger, we know! But summer is coming, and it's time to consider an absolutely essential choice: sunscreens who will accompany us on the beach. So okay, ALL TIGERS does not offer sunscreen, but that does not prevent sharing some advice on the subject. We know, even if we love the sun, a Prolonged and repeated exposure has its health risks, from simple sunburn to much more serious illnesses. We don't mess around with protection.

ALL TIGERS was created by and with its community, around common convictions: naturalness above all. Then you won't be surprised to learn it: when it comes to protection, I have a preference for natural sunglasses without chemical filter. "Organic", not necessarily, but at least whose ingredients have been designed for our protection, for our health, and for the environment. Today I help you select your clean sun protection. Let’s go!


Meilleures cremes solaires bio

Choosing a clean sunscreen, my advice 

How to choose your sunscreen?  

First of all, I invite you to forget about the pretty packaging, which is often attractive but not so important, once on the beach. I only look at one thing: the protection index.

What does the SPF 20, 30, 50 index correspond to? The Sun Protection Factor or SPF indicates the level of protection against UVB. UVB rays are the most damaging in the short term for the skin: if you are not protected enough, hello sunburn.

But also beware of UVA rays: they penetrate deeper into the skin and destroy the collagen and elastin fibers. From then on, you can say goodbye to your toned skin. And in the longer term, they are responsible for skin cancer. The UVA index is not indicated but it is implicit: European regulations require manufacturers to guarantee UVA protection at least equal to one third of UVB protection. So the higher the UVB index, the higher the UVA index.

To make the right choice, it is important to listen to your needs:

  • What is your skin type?
  • Do you have fair, matte skin?
  • Is your exposure long, at altitude, in the sea?

It exists 4 categories of sun care products according to SPF : low protection (below 10), medium protection (more than 10 to 30), high sun protection (30 or 50) or very high protection: SPF 50+. Personally, I choose an SPF 50 at the start of the season, and possibly 30 at the end of the season when the skin has taken its marks. It is up to everyone to do according to their sensitivity. 

Sunscreen comes in several formulas: it is found in cream, milk, oil and spray. One essential thing: clean sun protection must be fluid in order to be easy to apply. In addition, it must be water resistant - pay attention to the words "water resistant" or "water resistant".

Last tip: don't forget to respect the expiry date after opening your sunscreen, the filters may weaken over time. In general, it is 9 months: we therefore do not bring out our cream from last year, at the risk of burning.

Why choose a "clean" sunscreen? 

Safe protection

Natural sunscreens are made up of mineral filters such as zinc oxide & titanium dioxide. Note that titanium dioxide is controversial in its nanoparticle version, but remains essential in its non-nanoparticle version for quality protection. In addition to this effective physical barrier, sunglasses are generally enriched with antioxidants for enhanced skin protection. 

Is the protection as effective? The answer is yes, because a clean sunscreen has to be in compliance with European legislation. It is subjected to the same tests and is therefore as effective as a conventional sunscreen with chemical filters.

Galenics in great progress

Natural sun protection were often criticized for their white marks, however, with advances in cosmetics, this is far behind us.

The specifications, complete in order to meet the requirements of the labels, prevent the components of the cream from being derived from petrochemicals: at ALL TIGERS, we hardly like this kind of ingredients. The texture of a clean sunscreen is based on active ingredients of natural origin such as vegetable oils

Respect for the environment is at the heart of their approach. The packaging of clean brands meet precise specifications. And the formulas are designed to minimize their impact on the environment. These are all criteria that count in the face of current challenges.

3 clean sunscreens, under the microscope 

SEVENTY ONE, the spirit of surfing for all

They were our playmates at French Beauty Lab by Monge. Initially designed for surfers, who spent long hours in the water under the sun, Seventy One is THE brand of the moment. With its stylish packaging, the range dominates the pages of magazines. The range includes clean sunglasses for the face and body that respect the skin and the environment. And the formulas are at the top: organic ingredients, mineral filters and SPF 50+ index.


In addition to the classic galenics, Seventy One offers a wide range of clever colored sticks, the color of which fades as the protection decreases, just to remind you to add more when needed. 

ACORELLE, the organic tradition

Acorelle is a recognized organic cosmetic brand that many beautytas have been able to discover in different beauty boxes. One of the musts: BIO SPF30 tinted sunscreen, 100% natural sun protection.

It is composed of titanium dioxide & Api OléoActif (AOA), a synergy of active ingredients derived from propolis and pollen. It is a powerful natural antioxidant preventing skin aging. Finally, there are two vegetable oils: argan oil and karanja oil. The texture is pleasant and pleasant with a non-greasy finish. Acorelle even thought of babies with another suitable safe and clean sunscreen.

MIMITIKA, couture sunglasses 

For a few years now, MIMITIKA has been promoting a philosophy that we love: natural, protective and trendy sunscreen for sunbathing lovers.

With a simple and elegant range, Mimitika focuses on naturalness and quality. Moisturizing and enriched with antioxidant vitamin E, Mimitika sunscreen is an invitation to lasciviously enjoy a deckchair.

My favorite ? The lip stick to protect our pretty mouth from UVB and UVA rays. Yes, you shouldn't neglect your lips!

Even protected, do not abuse. The sun is a risk, it is worth remembering: take care of yourself, Tigers!

Cécile, from the blog Les Confidences de Lizzie


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