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You’re Ruining Your Nails with these 10 Practices

Do you take good care of your nails...but they're still often damaged, flaky, brittle, or ridged? Cécile from the blog Les Confidences de Lizzie points out 10 bad habits to get rid of if you’re looking for beautiful, healthy-looking nails.

Hello, TIGERS!

As you probably know, the ALL TIGERS team is working hard to launch the best nail lacquer there is! What’s more? It respects the brand’s commitments of green and vegan cosmetics. Like me, you must be super impatient! But before we launch into lacquer, what if we talked a bit about...your nails? 

Oh, and speaking of that, you can now order your ALL TIGERS green lacquer online.

I don't know about you, but I dream about having pretty, natural nails. Unfortunately, I’m a nail-biter and therefore not the best example to follow. Having strong, long nails is something I’m going to try to achieve before the end of this year. Though that’s a pretty hopeful end goal! What errors should you avoid to save your nails?

10 gestes qui abiment les ongles

“Yeah, my manicure is from 1983...”


What habits should you get rid of to have pretty nails?

Rule #1: Keep your hands out of water

The skin on your hands collects water like a sponge, so when you keep it wet, it gets weak (along with your nails). As a result, your nails are soft and prone to rip. Avoid soaking your hands in water, particularly before you begin your manicure. This will affect the wear of your lacquer. And what better excuse to leave your chores up to others ;-)? If you often have your hands soaking in water, think about keeping them hydrated with appropriate treatments.

Rule #2: Nail lacquer shouldn't be used to camouflage imperfections

You can’t hide damaged or bitten nails with lacquer. The result? An absolute disaster. Plus, your lacquer isn't going to last very long. Your nail should be smooth and polished before you apply your lacquer. Choose a 4-sided nail buffer or an emery board to file your nails to perfection and give them a clean canvas for lacquer application.

Rule #3: Avoid too much lacquer

Applying your nail polish is always a difficult step. We tend to put on a ton out of fear that it will otherwise chip--but this is a no-no! Your eleventh coat of lacquer is not going to save your nails. It actually is going to take longer to dry and gets hard as a result. Little mounds of lacquer will then form on your nail, making it susceptible to chipping and flaking. So, say goodbye to coat after coat for a nail that is smooth and shiny.

Rule #4: Don't mix lacquer with remover

When we dilute our lacquer with remover, we often are under the impression that it will become more liquidy. This couldn't be further from the truth! Instead, this practice just mars the quality of your lacquer and the health of your nails. So, throw this habit out the window now! And go for an organic and / or soft nail polish remover to ensure your nails are treated with the care they need and deserve.

Rule #5: NEVER peel off your lacquer

It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing it unconsciously or not, the sight of a woman picking away at her nails is a sad spectacle. Plus, the result looks like crap. What’s more, nothing will ruin your nails faster. Use any other way to remove your nail lacquer. But NO to picking and peeling!

Rule #6: STOP biting your nails NOW

This is a terrible habit—I know from experience! It ruins your nail, the skin around your nail, and your fingertips. If you want pretty nails, you've got to kick this horrible habit. There are many solutions to help you stop. I personally use a bitter-tasting polish on my nails to deter myself from biting. Then I eventually go back to my favorite lacquer.

Rule #7: NEVER shake the bottle to mix up your lacquer

When you shake your bottle before application, you create little air bubbles in your lacquer. These bubbles will be transferred on to your nail, making the lacquer effect less smooth and shiny. It’s better to roll the bottle between both hands to “warm it up.” Application and aftermath will then be perfect.

Rule #8: Don't cut or pick at your cuticles

Your cuticles are a shield for your skin. They prevent infections from developing in this particularly exposed area. When you cut your cuticles, you are allowing possible bacteria to form around your nail. You’re also marring your hands and fingers. Skin gets more fragile and becomes less resistant. However, you can “trim” your cuticles by pushing them back with an orange stick or cuticle pusher. Your nails will then be able to “breathe” a bit more easily.

Rule #9: Forgetting to nourish your nails

Don't ignore your nails! Yeah, even your nails need to be pampered. Nourishing your nails—just like your hands—is important. You can even massage your nails with lotion or a hand and nail treatment to guarantee they soak it all up. Different hand creams or plant oils, like castor, can be used. And good news! There are now even deep-conditioning nail masks on the market that you can turn to for healthy-looking nails. By adopting these three tips, your nails and hands will be perfectly hydrated.

Rule #10: Stop tapping your nails on hard surfaces

It’s a compulsive tic which most likely annoys your entire entourage! Stop tapping your nails on your desk or some other hard service. Why? Well, think of it like a jackhammer. You’re pummeling your nails into sad submission. They become fragile, brittle, and ruined as a result. I know, it’s a way for you to rid yourself of your stress of impatience...but it’s over! Get rid of this bad habit ASAP. :-)

So, as you can see, there are many, many ways you can unconsciously ruin your nails. If you want to have pretty hands, you've got to take care of your nails! With that said, Tigers, don't forget: we are all beautiful. So, take care of yourself!

Find tips by Cécile on her blog Les confidences de Lizzie 

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