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Which mascara to choose for long eyelashes?

Are your eyelashes rather long and thin? To highlight them perfectly, some mascaras are particularly suitable, depending on their brush and their formula. We have put together some simple tips to help you choose your next mascara so that your long, thin lashes will enhance your look. 

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Which mascara to 'thicken' my eyelashes? 

If your lashes are long, quite numerous but naturally thin, the most common strategy will be to use a mascara that will exploit their length, while covering each lash to bring more density and body to the whole.

In the ALL TIGERS range, I ask the mascara extra-volume ! Whether you have thin lashes, or just want spectacular volume, the volume mascara is ideal for drawing a fringe of visually thicker eyelashes, more provided, no bundle, false eyelash effect!  

His secret? Thanks to its multi-dimensional fibers, with very diverse shapes and sizes, the hourglass brush grabs, coats and stretches lashes in all directions, giving them a fuller, denser look. 

The formula incorporates olive and carnauba waxes, natural fixing agents, for a volume that lasts all day long, without crumbling or drooling, and intense black gaze, without package. 

See le mascara extra-volume ALL TIGERS

Which mascara for a lack of eyelashes?

Are your eyelashes long and thin ... or long and sparse ? The difference is simple: in one case, each eyelash appears very thin, not very present, while in the other case, the sparse eyelashes are few, far from each other, some seem to be missing, because not very uniform. 

The causes can be various, it can be their natural implantation, or the result of a loss of eyelashes the causes of which can be stress, age, nutritional deficiencies, too aggressive make-up removal ... And if your long eyelashes are sparse, it can give a bushy, messy, messy appearance to the eyes.

Intuitively, when you have rather long eyelashes, you may be tempted to avoid using a length mascara, which seems more intended for short eyelashes. Fault ! Because if the eyelash fringe tends to lack structure, shape, then the mascara definition and length can be a great option. 

the definition & length mascara Particularly suitable for you to separate the eyelashes from root to tip, without bundle. His secret? The 'comb' brush who grab and stretch each eyelash, to promote a perfect distribution of the texture, rearrange the fringe of the eyelashes. The effect remains very natural, gives the length a nice curving effect, well structured. Everything is ultra-easy to remove, thank you for the natural formula! 

See ALL TIGERS definition and length mascara

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Photo : Mustafa Yasser | Unsplash

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