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Beauty herbal teas: why we love them?

Creating the strengthening infusion Coup de Griffe, ALL TIGERS renews the way of using the recognized properties of plants, with a simple and beneficial gesture. Here are all the reasons to opt for a beauty infusion. 

ALL TIGERS infusion soin tasse

The principle of infusion 

An infusion is probably one of the simplest ways to benefit from the active principles of plants recognized for their beneficial properties. Whether presented in a sachet or in bulk, the mixture of plants is immersed in boiling water, the aromas and active ingredients are diffused in the water, then left to cool before consumption.

What is the difference between herbal tea and infusion?

Herbal tea or infusion, by the way, what's the difference? Herbal tea is a broader term, which actually includes infusion (in hot water then cooled) but also maceration (cold) and decoction (cold then heated). But in everyday language, the term herbal tea is commonly used to refer to an infusion.

Tasse avec infusion et théière

The benefits of an infusion

The benefits of an infusion are innumerable. Drinking hot water is in itself already positive: it helps tohydrate the body, would help the body to release toxins, and may also help regulate appetite. The aromas of each plant combine and contribute to the pleasure of tasting. But beyond these benefits, the infusion has two major strengths.

Infusion, the ideal method for extracting active ingredients

But what founds the interest of the infusion is that it isa simple and effective method to extract the active ingredients of a plant. Each plant in an infusion provides targeted benefits (energizing or draining, soothing or detoxifying, etc.), derived from the active ingredients of the plants present in the mixture, according to your choice.

The infusion, for a perfect assimilation of active ingredients

Once the principles have been extracted, they still have to be assimilated by the body. The infusion is not a dietary supplement, conventionally offered in capsule or tablet. It has one obvious advantage: bio-availability, that is to say the perfect assimilation of the benefits of plants selected.

Indeed, all digestion process begins in the mouth, and continues in the stomach. On average, solid foods spend between 2 and 4 hours in the stomach, in a digestion process that will allow them to be broken down gradually, in an acidic environment. It is well known that plant extracts taken orally in the form of solid food supplements will be degraded, and part of the active ingredients and nutrients will not pass through the intestine and cannot be assimilated optimally.

Différents ingrédients pouvant composer une infusion

In contrast, liquids only pass through the stomach for about 30 minutes. The bioavailability of a liquid is therefore greater than that of solid foods: the liquid galenic allows to preserve maximize the active ingredients and nutrients of the plants selected for optimal assimilation.

The infusion, another beauty gesture

Alongside the classic benefits (vitality, sleep, etc.), the choice of plant also makes it possible to consider unfision as a complementary beauty gesture. He must indeed reckon with beauty infusions, which target our skin, our hair, our nails, through the use of plants with very specific properties.

Basically, it's obvious, the beauty of the skin, hair and nails also goes from the inside. Plants play a crucial role for certain very specific problems: dry skin, redness, imperfections, dull and lackluster hair...

An infusion for the nails? 

For the nails, food supplements intended for the appendages (nails, hair) contain ingredients such as silicon, a natural constituent of nails and hair, which encourages the growth of healthy nails. Trace element essential to the body, silicon is essential to the nails, made up of about 20% silicon. Silicon participates in particular in the natural growth and maintenance of normal, strong and healthy nails. 

If these constituents are already available in the form of a food supplement, they are also available in their natural state, in plants precisely used in infusion... It is therefore another approach to combine these plants with the usual benefits of an infusion. In short, the infusion or the beauty herbal tea appears as an ideal complement to take care of your hair, skin, nails. 

Click here to learn more about the care infusion imagined for the nails 

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