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Which mascara for short eyelashes?

Short eyelashes, lacking in length and curve: which mascara should you choose to thicken, lengthen and shape short eyelashes? We don't really want to wear false eyelashes, and yet we can get the most out of our short lashes and intensify the look, with a suitable mascara. 

mascara cils courts short lashes

Which mascara to lengthen my short eyelashes? 

We are not going to start complex on our eyelashes, nor on any part of our body for that matter! But we still have the right to want to give them a little extra length, everyday or for special occasions.

On the fireworks side, we know the fastest solution, the false eyelashes : respect to those who have the patience to apply them and the know-how to remove them without damaging the eyelashes. As for grandmother's remedy, we often hear about Castor oil as a natural product capable of supporting the growth of eyelashes. Good news: a dose of castor oil has been incorporated into the definition & length mascara formula. 

Because yes, if your eyelashes are short, we have the perfect mascara for them: if the eyelash fringe tends to lack length or curve, then the mascara definition and length can be a great option. 

A lengthening mascara, and more with a natural and vegan formula? Wow! the definition & length mascara will suit you particularly well to 'lengthen' the lashes from root to tip, without bundle, and give the impression that our eyelashes have taken a few millimeters

His secret? The comb brush Who catch each eyelash, even the shortest, and stretches them over their entire length. The effect remains very natural, while providing a nice curving effect, well structured. The highly pigmented, intense black finish helps give lashes even more presence, even very short ones. And the formula is very easy to remove!

How to apply mascara for short lashes?

The short eyelashes need to be stretched out, we understand! The result doesn't just depend on the mascara itself: the best lengthening mascara will have a limited effect if you don't have one. application technique suitable for short eyelashes.

How to apply mascara to lengthen lashes? When applying a lengthening mascara with a comb brush, it is advisable toapply mascara from roots to ends, by insisting lightly on the root by 'unrolling' the eyelash, with a movement that emphasizes the curling effect. Then, work with the tip of the brush on the outside of the eyelashes for a more accentuated effect.

See ALL TIGERS definition and length mascara

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Photo : Erik Mclean 

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