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The best lipstick to wear under a mask

These days, we hear a lot about the end of lipsticks because of masks. Obviously, it is necessary to protect each other by covering our mouth as much as we can. But is it true that we don’t want to wear our favorite red anymore? Experience has proven that it was certainly not true for us, the ALL TIGERS team! 

Back to the office with our lipstick on

In September, we had to come back to the office, putting in place the best sanitary precautions to preserve the health of us all. Plexiglass to separate the tables, mask always-on and distances to stay apart. We definitely had to find a way to keep the mood up! That is why we have started wearing lipstick every day, even under our masks. We share here with you our feelings about this experience. 

Lipsticks for ourselves first

Wearing lipstick under masks may look counterintuitive. First of all, no one can see our red or pink lips. Secondly, breathing under the mask makes our lips more humid than ever. Thirdly, what if the lipstick doesn’t last and there is nothing left on the lips at the end of the day? 
The reality is that we cannot give up on THE gesture that boosts us every morning. Who cares about what other people see or not, if it makes us feeling good wearing our favorite pink, we should not hesitate!

The perfect lipstick under the mask is long lasting

It is not only a wish. It is possible to wear a lipstick under a mask, with the right formula. We have tried our ALL TIGERS lipsticks. They revealed to be the optimal solution thanks to their long-lasting color. They resist all day long without drying out the lips, thanks to the good dosage of botanical oils and waxes in the formula. To remove it, you actually need a cleanser with a rich texture as an oil or a thick milk.

A safe formula, to feel good while wearing it

Such performance comes with the good feeling of using a plant-based formula on the lips - no animal-derived ingredients are used to obtain the pigments – made of up to 100% of natural origins ingredients. 
Not only we avoid dead insects’ corpse on our mouths, as it happens for most of the red lipsticks on the market using the cochineal to produce the “carmine” pigment, but we also make sure we are applying a safe product on our lips. 

In fact, animal-derived ingredients are the norm and crustaceans’ shells, sheep’s’ wool or even snails’ slime are common sources of ingredients included in your cosmetics. To raise awareness on this topic, we have listed the most frequent ones in another article.

A quick trick to avoid any transfer

If the moment to put your mask on has come, we would like to share with you one transfer-free application tip. In fact, because our formulas are silicone free, the color can transfer. The solution: first, avoid applying too much texture on the lips; second, put a paper tissue between your lips after application, to fix the color and make sure it dried out. If you also wonder how to avoid your lipstick to smudge, have a look at all our tips on the topic. 

After this fun experience at the office, our conclusion on the ALL TIGERS lipsticks under the masks was quite positive. But we were even happier knowing that we can wear again our favorite colors even when masked! 

If like us you are looking forward to wear again your lipstick even under your mask and share your experience with us, join the movement and share take the reins of ALL TIGERS! There’s one thing you can do: follow us on Instagram and let your voice be heard.  We consult our community every step of the way. Ready to roar? ROAARRR!  

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