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How Can I Make My Favorite Lipstick Kiss-Proof?

In recent years, we've seen lipsticks that claim to be completely kiss-proof. It's a promise that pleases—provided you love the synthetic ingredients inside! The bad news? These formulas are sadly saturated!
The good news? You can make your favorite natural lipstick kiss-proof by following these few tips.

What Does a Kiss-Proof Lipstick Formula Contain?

A lipstick that holds and leaves no trace? It obviously pleases many. It's not for nothing that ALL TIGERS gave you our tips on how to remove resilient lipstick: When it holds, it holds. But what does that mean, "kiss-proof" lipstick?

Kiss-proof, or transfer-proof, lipstick is one that does not smudge or transfer onto other things when worn. However, non-transferable lipstick formulas contain a lot of synthetic polymers, mineral oils, and silicone. Under the list of ingredients, these will be labeled as dimethicone, trimethylsiloxysilicate, or polybuter (which is derived from crude oil, ew). These polymers form a supple and stretchable plastic film on the surface of the skin. They also give the formula a smooth texture, making it resistant to water and sometimes to fat, which therefore creates a perfect hold. This is where the "kiss-proof" claim comes from. Stubborn, they resist everything and are also often complicated to remove.

The Cons of Kiss-Proof Lipstick

Major disadvantage of transfer-proof lipstick? Lips tend to dry out. All women have experienced this: these kiss-proof lipsticks tend to really leave lips dry and uncomfortable over time. This makes sense, since these synthetic "oils" are plasticizers, which have no moisturizing properties.


limiter éviter transfert rouge à lèvres

Another negative point is that these components are not environmentally friendly. When it comes to formulating a natural version, none of these green components are accepted by natural and organic labels. It's therefore necessary to find a few tricks to mimic some of their properties, such as through a specific dosage of natural oils and pigments. Sublime textures, vivid colors, long wear, richness, we can do everything in natural... but not quite transfer-proof.

It should be noted that a lipstick can have very long hold without it necessarily being kiss-proof: a formula can very well leave a lipstick trace on your glass, yet the color holds until the end of the night thanks to a pigment-rich formula.  

But back to our initial problem. If you choose natural or organic lipstick, are you doomed to leave your mark everywhere, such as on your glass or your cigarettes? Fortunately, no! Here are some very simple tips that you can implement.

How Can You Limit Lipstick Transfer?

Let's take a closer look at your superb natural and vegan lipstick... The texture of the liquid lipstick is quite dense when it comes out of the tube. You've probably noticed that when the applicator is extracted, the head tends to be loaded with product, so you have a "heavy hand" without really wanting it. This is perfect for a sophisticated look, but it's not useful for every day. And if the layer of lipstick is thicker, this extra product is apt to leave more traces.

The solution? One word of order: apply less, eliminate product, and refine the layers. The less you smother on, the less you leave everywhere!

Our 3 Tips to Limit Lipstick Transfer

- At the time of application, instead of using the applicator, place a small dollop of the product at the center of your lips and then spread it evenly by patting it with your fingertip or a fine brush. The distribution will be lighter than with the lipstick applicator, more toned down. Your dose will be smaller, and the product will be applied in thiner layers.

- After application, blot your lips with a tissue to effortlessly remove excess product. Another advantage: the color becomes matte more quickly.

- The final touch: If you have the soul of a pro makeup artist, you can finish off by applying a little transparent matte powder to your finger to fix the material.

Finger application, tissue blot between the lips, powder: these simple tricks can really limit the effect of transfer. 

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[photo: Avant Garde]

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