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Are gummies effective?

Gummies are fashionable: these small 'chewing gums' have taken an important place in the ranges of food supplements. Their candy-like appearance, however, raises questions about effectiveness. 

Est-ce que les gummies sont efficaces ?

Are gummies really effective?

The gummies concentrate the same assets than other forms of food supplements, at the same dose, and have similar release capacities in the body: they therefore have the same efficiency than cures in the form tablets, capsules or powders.

We can even ask ourselves: are the gummies more efficient than other dietary supplements? Indeed, gummies have a decisive advantage over other galenics: the taste! And when you start a course of food supplements, it's the regularity of taking which is the first key to efficiency. And of course, a pleasant taste motivates to persevere in the cure, day after day.

Pleasure, a guarantee of efficiency

Various studies demonstratet that, as part of a cure of food supplements, a large part of those who start a cure will tend to end before finishing the originally planned program. The reason ? They feel put off by an unpleasant taste, the format reminiscent of medication, weariness... 

With gummies, there are no more excuses: it's good, it doesn't require having water on hand, it's easy to swallow and digest. The gummies thus offer a new way to supplement 100% pleasure! 

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