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How to do eye makeup after 50?

How to do eye makeup at 50 or beyond? Of course, there are no hard and fast rules: from the most subtle to the most extravagant, all styles are allowed, with no age limit!

Nevertheless, when you ask professional makeup artists, they have their little tricks to highlight a face at every age. Zoom on some principles to adopt at 50, 60, 70 years, which will please you to relax and sublimate the look.

Maquillage apres 50

Cleanse your skin before putting on makeup

Even if you have thoroughly removed make-up from your skin in the evening before going to bed, it is imperative to go through the cleaning box upon waking, to freshen up and clarify the skin: it will be easier to remove make-up. 

Conceal dark circles

Over time, signs of fatigue such as dark circles may appear more marked. No need to apply several layers of concealer, it would only accentuate the problem! Just a little touch of anti-dark circles on dark circles, to attenuate in lightness.

Go light on the eyelids

There's nothing like color to illuminate the eyes: over time, the eyelid might droop a little, the skin around the eye has become thinner, so we'll play with colors to restore freshness, lightness. First tip, have a light hand! This is the golden rule of makeup artists. We prefer light or soft shades, such as a taupe eyeshadow, over the entire eyelid, and widely blended to avoid hardening the look.

Emphasize the look

If you are a fan of kohl or eyeliner, you will find that over time, too strong a line tends to close the eyes: after 50 years, it is more appropriate to apply a line of pencil along the eyelashes than on the mucosa. And even, rather than a line, one can opt for a brown eyeshadow flush with the eyelashes or at the outer corner of the eyelid, well blended, to bring intensity to the look without overdoing it.

Lengthen eyelashes

Essential step, mascara! It's all in the gesture: length priority, to open the gaze, rather than volume which can again harden the gaze. We apply a coat of mascara, starting from the root of the eyelashes to go up by stretching as much as possible. A light layer is enough to sublimate the look.

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 Photo : Anastasiia Chepinska

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