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Do you know what's in your gummies?

What are the ingredients of your hair & nail gummies ? ALL TIGERS gummies concentrate the best that can be expected from this type of food supplement, in order to reconcile performance and pleasure of use.

  • Natural formula : 97% natural and vegan ingredients, zero ingredients of animal origin
  • The 4 best nail & hair active ingredients, united in the same formula: Biotin (Vitamin B8), Zinc, Horsetail and Nettle
  • 1 gummie per day : the optimal dosage of active ingredients in a single gummie to limit sugar intake and simplify daily intake. One box contains the equivalent of 30 days of treatment, and we recommend at least 3 months of treatment to optimize the benefits. 
  • L'excellent gout cerise : the better it is, the more chance there is of holding the cure, over time! 
  • Made in France in partnership with a pioneering laboratory with multiple social and environmental commitments.

Gummies cheveux ongles

What are the ingredients in your hair & nail gummies? Zoom on the composition of gummies ALL TIGERS.

Hair & nail gummies: 4 active ingredients

Our formula is based on the choice of combining the 4 most recognized ingredients for the complementation of nails and hair, in order to offer you an integral action, without GMOs, without gluten, without excipients, without ingredients of animal origin. A single gummie a day concentrates all these benefits. 

  • Biotin, or Vitamin B8 = it is the star ingredient of hair and nail food supplements, an essential constituent of keratin. Our formula contains 5yg or 100% of the NRVs (nutritional reference values, recommended daily by European authorities).
  • Zinc (citrate de zinc) = Le zinc is a trace element that plays an essential role in the synthesis of keratin and collagen, two proteins that make up the hair fiber. Our formula contains 15mg of Zinc or 100% of NRVs (nutritional reference values, recommended daily by European authorities).
  • Horsetail dry extract (40mg) = this plant, aptly nicknamed "horsetail", is a natural source of silicon végétal, useful for toning and firming tissues, strengthening hair and stimulating hair growth.  Our formula contains 2.8mg of silica
  • Nettle dry extract (20mg) = rid of its stinging properties, nettle is a concentrate of vitamins (C, E, B...) it is known to fortify keratin. 

The combination of these 4 active ingredients makes it possible to target keratin, which is the common essential constituent of nails and hair. Their joint action allows the maintenance of the nails in an optimal state, to strengthen the hair, to stimulate the growth, and helps by extension to fight against the fall.  

Awesome texture and taste!

The gummies have several advantages: their gourmet format motivates users not to give up their treatment, even allows those who resist tablets to enjoy the benefits of food supplements, while delivering the same dose of active ingredients as a classic tablet. Texture and taste are therefore at the heart of the effectiveness of the cure. 

fruit pectin = texture agent, natural constituent of the plant wall - no animal gelatin at ALL TIGERS

Citric acid = contributes to the hold of the texture of the gummies

Sodium citrate = regulates acidity

Sugar, glucose syrup = brings the taste and contributes to the optimal preservation of the gummies

Natural cherry flavor = brings the taste

Water, natural gelling agent = texture agents

Anthocyane = vegetable dye


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