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Lips, Nails, Skin, Eyes: Coral Makeup is All the Rage!

Cécile from the blog Les Confidences de Lizzie is here to talk to you about a hot topic: coral lipstick!

Hello, TIGERS!

World-renowned color-chart guru Pantone has revealed its color of the year 2019: coral orange! Nicknamed “Living Coral,” it’s a source of energy, light, and serenity. Impossible to miss, coral is one of the most-used hues by beauty experts this season and can be seen on every Influencer’s Insta from here to Timbuktu. Plus... this incredible color has become a go-to shade for lipsticks! :D Not surprising, since it’s so trendy.

Rouge à lèvres mat corail

Check out the #beautytrends hashtag, which groups together the most popular beauty fads—you won’t be disappointed. :-) The word of the year is coral, coral, CORAL!

Coral lipstick? A must!  

This invigorating shade, somewhere between pink and orange, is the epitome of warmthand energy. And I’m convinced that coral matte lipstick is simply not worn enough! Yet it is such a gorgeous color... Repeat after me: coral is boss. ;-) 

There’s no denying that a coral lip is always classy and flattering. My tip for you? Wear it with light makeup, for a look that is soft, fresh, and dewy. Coral is perfect for darker or olive skin tones, and it will make any skin glow in both summer and winter. 

Rouge à lèvres mat orange corail

So, now’s the time to say a little something about ALL TIGERS CORAL ORANGE 789 “HEAR ME ROAR” matte lipstick. Like its name suggests, you’ll be roaring with pleasure when you put it on. After all, orange is the natural coat of our friend the tiger. ;-) This stunning hue was made by adding just a touch of orange to a lighter base, for a color that is unique while being both subtle and bright. Perfect for lighter as well as darker complexions.

Add Coral to Your Makeup Bag

Coral has become such a style guide that we shouldn’t be surprised to see it everywhere. It goes beyond the realm of lipstick and will beautify eyes, nails, and complexions. And no matter where you wear it, this shade will add just that bit of pop to your appearance. Though, for all its liveliness, coral is also an incredibly soft and reassuring color. 

Coral Nails

Coral orange nail lacquer is a classic! This summery shade embodies happiness and light and goes well with any style in any season. It’s the new nude! By the way, check out our ALL TIGERS natural and vegan coral nail lacquer—it's killin’ it.

Bright-Eyed with a Touch of Coral

A coral eye shadow is a great way to bring some sparkle to your eyes and make them look fun, fresh, and summery. Match it with a piece of jewelry or apparel for a look that is guaranteed to glow. We opt for warm tones twinned with a splash of liner. Coral on your eyes is a wave of light and vigor. And good news: this shade goes great with any eye color! So, pick it up and put it on for a sensational style. Go, Tigers!

Coral Blush, Tried and True

This spring and summer, go for a look that's natural, bright, and refreshing. And what’s better to do that than with a pretty coral blush? This makeup color is a favorite, since it is guaranteed to flatter your complexion every time. But make sure you're choosing the correct hue for your skin tone, since there is a range of various coral shades. Got light skin? Opt for a beige with orange undertones. Got dark skin? Go for a truly bright coral. For a look that’s on point, be sure to go easy on the application. ;-)

Coral is therefore THE color of the year. You can trust it will be your perfect companion this season.

Find tips by Cécile on her blog Les confidences de Lizzie 

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