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How to Easily Apply Lipstick

Today, Cécile shares tips on how to easily apply your ALL TIGERS lipstick. What do you do for a fast and easy application?

ALL TIGERS rouge à lèvres mat naturel vegan bio


How to guarantee a simple painted lip

Hello, TIGERS!

For a pro lipstick brand like ALL TIGERS, questions about makeup techniques aren’t a rare occurrence. We can all agree that putting on makeup isn’t always so easy... Though it is clear that many of you Tigers are able to expertly swipe on a lipstick in the blink of an eye. Impressive! Do some of you nevertheless ask yourself if you're correctly painting your pout? Are there techniques you can follow for easy lipstick application and a classy kisser? Here are a few of my personal tips for easy breezy lipstick application.

Take Care of Your Lips

Before you even get to the step of lipstick application, it’s important to have nice and healthy lips. Pampering is key to guarantee that your mouth is in good shape. But how? I suggest exfoliating your lips at least once per week. Exfoliation will make your mouth soft and smooth by getting rid of all the dry and excess skin on your lips. Cause cracked lips = a blemished pout. Another thing you have to do is hydrate at least once per day. Ideally, put on some nourishing lip balm before you go to bed each night.

Feel free to read our solutions for chapped lips on the ALL TIGERS blog if you’re looking to take a step even further. Don’t forget that your lips need just as much care as the rest of your face. By pampering your lips, you’re guaranteeing an easy and quick lipstick application that looks great.

Think About Lip Liner 

If you’d like to apply your lipstick with complete ease, it might be a good idea to apply lip liner around your mouth beforehand. Like we had previously mentioned on the ALL TIGERS blog, putting on lip liner will help define your pout and allow you to avoid certain fashion faux pas. You know what I’m talking about... Smudging and bleeding lipstick? Start by tracing the outline of your cupid’s bow, then your upper lip, then your bottom lip. Finally finish up by tracing the corners of your mouth by connecting the lines from your top and bottom lip. Isn’t it easy to do up your lips?

Use Brushes Even for Liquid Lipsticks  

A bold lip is gorgeous and exciting to wear, especially with a range of lipsticks as fabulous and striking as ALL TIGERS vegan! However, the meeker Tigers of the bunch may feel it’s hard to pull off. If you’re not feeling super adventurous, you can always grab a small brush and remove some of the excess lipstick on the lipstick’s doe-foot applicator. Then place the applicator at the center of your lips and move outwards, evenly spreading the lipstick towards the corners of your mouth. This will guarantee full, even coverage. And you won’t have any need to reapply.

If you are more the dare devil and looking for an even bolder lip, you can use your brush to apply an extra coat of your favorite ALL TIGERS lipstick. A plump pout assured! And for a final electric look, you can outline your lips with a color corrector adapted to your skin tone. This will make your lips pop! :D

Ready for easy lipstick application now that you have these few simple tips?

I look forward to hearing your reactions soon! :D

[Photo: Malvestida]

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