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WILD DAYS: great prices for products with minor flaws

Zero waste operation! Products with minor packaging defects, often barely noticeable, at a totally WILD price: ALL TIGERS launches its WILD DAYS

In all the stages which separate manufacturing from marketing, it may happen that some products have minor defects.

A scratched label, a hard-to-read barcode, those surface imperfections are often indetectable for the end user, and their qualities of use are intact. However, they may be sufficient to exclude these products from the logistics circuit. So we offer them to you at totally WILD prices: a good deal for you, a responsible gesture for the planet. 

Ecologically, it would not make sense to destroy them, since these products are still perfectly usable. These are limited quantities, the economic stake remains modest for ALL TIGERS, but it is an appointment that we hold dear, a symbol in the face of the immense waste generated by the cosmetics industry, and especially make-up. 

This mess takes two major forms for makeup: producing too much, then destroying too much. ALL TIGERS opposes this mess on two levels. Enter into resistance with us! 

Lean production. Each product is co-created with the community, to ensure its relevance. At the end of the co-creation, a pre-order makes it possible to measure the real enthusiasm and to adjust the shot on future productions. But this natural selection is not enough: to pilot a make-up brand is to be subjected to a rather sly injunction. Experts (?) In the sector judge a brand by its ability to launch anything and everything, new pretext, for example fun but importable colors that will be more intended to decorate points of sale or create a buzz ... We must constantly resist this injunction to launch products that do not make sense, resist the race to widen the range, Because we know in advance that these products will probably neither really be sold nor really worn ... and therefore in the long term, very probably destroyed. It is the influence of fast fashion on 'fast beauty', a huge ecological and economic waste, which we firmly reject. Our products have meaning, our colors are chosen with care with the community, with the users, to precisely avoid these pretext productions.

- Limit destruction. The vagaries of production, transport and storage can alter products at the margin. The product itself is not damaged, its qualities of use have not changed, it is perhaps unsuspected for the user. But at each stage of this logistics circuit, certain faults will make marketing more difficult. Classic example: if the bar code is not perfectly readable, the product cannot be registered correctly at each step. In this case, even donating to some associations is not an option, because they may have the same logistical constraints - when we make donations, we therefore donate intact products. Thereby, small flaws come down to doom to destruction actually usable products. This is the whole purpose of WILD DAYS from offer these products at an appropriate price.

Want to take power over ALL TIGERS? Only one solution: subscribe now to our Instagram page and make your voice heard. We consult our community at every key stage of the brand. Ready to roar? ROAAARRRR! 

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