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Fast beauty, Fast Makeup: What if We Went Back to Basics?

You might have already heard about fast fashion. It has (unfortunately) inspired the “fast beauty” trend, focusing more on quantity than actual quality... And for what? To fill up shelves and overflow your makeup bags with items only worthwhile because they’re... “new.” 

We know what fast fashion is all about, but fast beauty isn't very far from following the same marketing scheme. Makeup is sometimes: colors so out there that you'd never actually wear them, palettes offering 40 shades but you’ll don at most 3, “beauty revolutions” that aren't really very revolutionary (like “this quadruple mascara wand handcrafted by NASA” or “glossier than the glossiest of glosses”—which doesn't change much if anything, in reality), high-tech-high-pro products you’ll never use (you know, contouring, strobing, highlighting, and all those other “ings”).

All of this just ends up in the dusty corners of your bathroom drawers when they actually make it on shelves, or they meet their end when brands fail to appeal to buyers and points of sale... And, what’s more? It’s an enormous waste of money and it’s an enormous waste for our planet.

No need to mention the ingredients involved, which aren’t top-notch, either! Crude oil, questionable chemical ingredients, and not-so-appealing animal products or by-products. The INCI list alone is enough to make your head spin. So...why do we fall for it?

What if we went back to basics? What if we turned to makeup standards that make a real difference and uphold the values that both comfort and drive us? Yeah, we love all things new, too, and we love to have it all, and, let’s be honest, we love unusual shades just like anyone else. And we are far from being able to say we’re doing everything perfectly. But the ALL TIGERS team is about finding a balance between having variety and reasonably developing our range to adhere to our clear-cut values... It’s all about beauty, quality, and fun—in just the right amount. ;-)

So, ALL TIGERS strives to create with you the best makeup around, products you’ll love using every day, made from the very best natural and vegan ingredients. Let your makeup be a part of you—not just stuck in a dusty bathroom drawer! 

You want to take the reins of ALL TIGERS? There’s one thing you can do: follow us on Instagram and let your voice be heard.  We consult our community every step of the way. Ready to roar? ROAARRR! 

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