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5 series that carry new figures of women

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Tigers in the playoffs? We dream of it! And if we struggled so far to focus on female characters that are both strong and credible, things are moving... Overview of series not to be missed. 

Until recently, we felt like a frustration in front of the female characters in the series, sometimes too erased, or conversely too overpowered to really believe in it. 

And then, lately, we finally have the impression that the platforms are taking over the feminine with a greater plurality of points of view to stage stronger, more credible trajectories that finally speak to us. 


Fleeing a violent, helpless relationship, a young mother struggles to provide for her daughter. Never miserable, the series shows how Alex struggles, falls and gets up again and again, determined to pull through.

American series in 10 episodes


They loved each other, and after ten years of living together, they separated... but without leaving each other. Their crazy bet: two distinct Parisian apartments, of course, but communicating with each other through the children's room. This self-fiction which takes as raw material the real life of Romane and Philippe, and their "fuzzy" love, is a wacky and moving chronicle. And we admire Romane Bohringer, a tightrope walker, between power and fragility.  

French series in 9 episodes


In an upscale neighborhood of Sidney, Filipina domestic workers join forces with their wealthy bosses to foment the heist of the century. Insanely modern, the series summons burning themes such as domestic violence, conflicts between social classes, racism, the impunity of the wealthy, with scathing humor and colorful female characters.

Australian series in 4 episodes


A London punk rock band, with very raw language, composed exclusively of Muslim women, is looking for its new guitarist… This surprising and funny chronicle challenges all stereotypes with jubilant energy

British series in 6 episodes


This small town in Pennsylvania, she knows it like the back of her hand… Maybe too well? When Mare is in charge of investigating sordid crimes, her certainties are shattered. Creepy atmosphere, hostile community, powerful but doubtful heroine character: the scheme seems arch-classic, yet the series manages to fascinate and move, carried by the nuanced interpretation of Kate Winslet, as always imperial.

American series in 7 episodes

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