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Blood Orange Lipstick, the Color for Any Season

Now that summer is here, we’re seeing the rise in popularity of one of our best sellers: the ALL TIGERS liquid lipstick with matte finish 886 BLOOD ORANGE “SHAKE THE GROUND.”

Whether you want to call it tomato, poppy, or brick, this fierce color has become a favorite thanks to its warmth and sassy style. It’s also a bit bolder than its more reserved cousin, the classic red. So, it's time to ask: Is blood orange made for you? What are its perks? When should you rock a blood orange lip? We’ll let you know below!

Blood Orange, the Perfect Blend of Shine and Sophistication

The first ALL TIGERS range of lipsticks was selected throughout 2018 with the help of our Instagram community. But few colors received as much praise as our orange red shade. This enthusiasm was primarily seen through the many messages we received from our community during the selection period: “don't forget the blood orange!”, “it’s going to be a standard in my makeup bag”, “this is the go-to color”... Inspired, perhaps, by the coat of our symbol, the tiger? Or maybe just from a breadth of personal experiences. This color definitely has its own fan club.

This boss color is a fusion of forever classic red and fiery orange. Its base of red pigments (guaranteed vegan with absolutely no cochineal-extracted carmine, remember!) is rejuvenated with just a hint of orange for a subtle warm touch. And voilà! That's the recipe for our famous natural & vegan lipstick no. 886.

Rouge à lèvres rouge orangé

Blood Orange, a Most Flattering Shade

The magic of a red-orange lip is its versatility. This color looks great on lighter coloring, compliments olive skin tones, and also enhances black and darker complexions. It also goes so well with redheads or chestnut hair, flatters brunettes with hazel or brown eyes, and beautifies blondes with slightly darker skin... And during the last NHA, the Parisian event celebrating blackness and its beauty, blood orange was our most sold color.  So, we’ll stop there—you got the gist, this shade is all-around an excellent choice!  

And what makes it even greater? This fabulous blood orange will make you glow like a summer goddess...

Can I pull off the blood orange look?

To find out whether this shade is made for you, think about the type of jewelry you generally like to wear.

  • Do you go for the gold? You then probably have warmer skin undertones, so no worries, blood orange is perfect for you!
  • Or is silver your thing? It’s likely that your complexion's undertones are a bit on the cooler side, so a blood orange lip is best when you are a little more sun kissed.

A final tip: if you tend to have blotchy skin or are prone to rosacea, it's better to avoid this shade, since it is likely to highlight blemishes you might be trying to hide...

Rouge à lèvres rouge orangé

Is blood orange a seasonal color?

This question is often asked, and for good reason! Does blood orange go with a particular season? If so, which one? We obviously think of juicy blood orange when summer comes, since this color is both delicious to wear and eat during the hotter months! But it also goes so well with autumnal tints, warms our hearts during winter, and inspires a dewy spring radiance during the blossoming season. So, for blood orange, there are no set seasons!

Whether you’re #TeamSummer or #TeamYearlong, the queen of the jungle is YOU. You want to take the reins of ALL TIGERS? Just follow us on Instagram and let your voice be heard.  We consult our community every step of the way. Ready to roar? ROAARRR!




Bonjour Lili et merci pour votre commentaire – on l’a dit, c’est une teinte surdouée, qui est aussi flatteuse pour les teints clairs ! Nous donnons quelques orientations pour aider les indécises, mais s’il vous va, profitez-en pleinement sans vous poser de question !


Ayant un teint clair , portant des bijoux argent , le rouge orangé me va à merveille malgres tout . Il réchauffe mon teint . Sujet a controverse apparament . … 🤔

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