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5 heavenly lipsticks and nail lacquers for dark skin

The NHA is the event dedicated to black beauty in France and Europe. Located at the Parc Floral in Paris right before summer, this wonderful event proved to be once again a leading meet-up for all those involved in black beauty around the world. What are some of the ingredients that make up this amazing NHA? Endless stands, passionate conferences, and a great vibe!


Proud to represent beauty of all kinds, the ALL TIGERS team was a part of the action in order to meet you, introduce you to the brand, and work with you to champion natural and top-quality cosmetics. A matte finish, long-lasting wear, and chap-free guarantee: these 3 vital components for you are equally an ALL TIGERS standard. And our products are also up to 100% natural and vegan—you can't get much better than that! Many of you came to discover the world of ALL TIGERS, test the products, speak with us, and ask about the formulas. We absolutely loved being able to exchange with you.

And the most important? You tested ALL of the shades!! During these two days together, you picked up applicators, brushes, cotton pads, makeup remover, and tried the entire range of ALL TIGERS products. You tested your favorite colors as well as those you’re less familiar with. Thank you for being so bold, it brought about many beautiful surprises!

rouge à lèvres liquide mat peau foncée noire

Shirley, from the blog Je suis modeste on the ALL TIGERS stand

Now that the dust has settled, we thought it might be beneficial to provide you with a list of the the top 5 best sellers of the NHA. May these inspire those that look for the most flattering shades for their skin! Of course, this is all about what you like for your complexion, though it may also give you some ideas or send you in a new and unforeseen direction. But, after all, like we were told, "The advantage to dark skin is that everything goes well with it.". And this says it all!  

Which ALL TIGERS colors were the best sellers of the NHA?

1 -  Liquid lipstick with matte finish 886 ORANGE RED “SHAKE THE GROUND”

Smashing success! It was an unexpected winner, this blood orange lipstick, but the vote was clear as day. This deep and sunny red with a hints of orange took the cake. You’ll glow with the combo of this shade and dark skin! 

rouge à lèvres liquide mat rouge orangé ALL TIGERS

2 - Liquid lipstick with matte finish 980 VIOLET “FEEL THE POWER”

This violet lipstick with light gray undertones is soft and subtle on darker complexions. Nothing too flashy, nothing too serious. While this shade will give lighter complexions a tenebrous and relatively bold look, it’s sweet and easy on darker skin, a nude for the ages, to naturally highlight your lips.

3 - Nail lacquer CORAL ORANGE 195 "SEIZE THE MOMENT"  

You’re a radiant summer goddess each time you wear this coral orange lacquer. The contrast against dark skin is incredibly flattering—you showed us that!

4 - Liquid lipstick with matte finish 888 PURE RED 'CALL ME QUEEN'

You are queen of this urban jungle. This bold red is that classic red, the symbol of she who reigns, she who rules, she who dares. And what’s more, you're sophistication all over with the snap of a finger: no more need for foundation or mascara—you’ve already got it all! You’re the boss, it’s as simple as that. ;-)

5 - Nail lacquer FUCHSIA 196 "BEAT THE DRUM"

Chic to a peak and rosy red fun: this feminine fuchsia has it all going on. Sophisticated but fresh, for a light dewy look you’ve all sung praises of.

And, a bonus! Our favorite: just behind in 6th place is the liquid lipstick in green metal 989 “STEAL THE SHOW!” Bold af! Many of you tested and loved the lipstick, sporting these stunning turquoise lips with metallic overtones throughout the day and finding it actually quite easy to wear. Hats off to you for this striking and explosive look—you’re fabulous!

Whether you're #TeamLipstick or #TeamLacquer, the queen of the jungle is YOU. You want to take the reins of ALL TIGERS? There’s one thing you can do: follow us on Instagram and let your voice be heard.  We consult our community every step of the way. Ready to roar? ROAARRR!  

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