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We just need to pronounce the word 'beauty' in front of us, and we are already rising to heaven, so much does this term reach us loaded with a-priori, injunctions, diktats. What matters to us is more to be powerful, more than to be pretty. But that you already knew!

"Beauty": no question of locking yourself in. With a word so ravaged by centuries of narrow rules and fa's, the framework would be too tight. ⁠ Respect the "rules" of beauty and listen to criticism? Basta. ⁠

Beauté féroce et rebelle

Our credo at ALL TIGERS: beauty is necessarily WILD. But what is ? Because your beauty - and we say well, yours - does not have to grow straight, straight, according to external criteria. Like a wild plant, it grows and flourishes freely, in its own way, liberated, sometimes rebellious, it is unique and that is why it is extraordinary. Because if it's you, it's already PERFECT.

The important thing is what YOU want to be. Panache, an attitude, a look, that's what does the job. So yes, a little makeup gives us a boost, of self-confidence. Everything is beautiful when it is YOU, that you believe in it, that you affirm it, that you feel good there, that you are ready to defend it.

beauté féroce, wild beauty ALL TIGERS

To illustrate this idea of WILD BEAUTY, we trusted the pair 'fairies-rocement' stylish Make My Beauty, Nelly and Alexandra, in charge of the make-up as in the photo. And in front of their lens, women come to embody her vision of liberated beauty, to be discovered on our instagram throughout the month of September. 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... Roarrr! 

And if you want to continue building ethical and natural cosmetics, join the movement and take the reins of ALL TIGERS! Subscribe now to our Instagram page and make your voice heard. We consult with our community at every key stage of the brand. Ready to roar? ROAAARRRR!

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