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“Since taking this step, I’m even more of a go-getter—nothing scares me!” -Sophie Lagarrigue, founder of Bonnefamilles

When you first meet Sophie, it's immediately obvious that she’s high-spirited, full of energy, and always smiling. The first ever collection of sweatwear for adults and kids alike is here, by sustainable fashion house Bonnefamilles. Our interview with a Tiger and busy bee!

Sophie is wearing the ALL TIGERS fuchsia matte lipstick 786

So, tell us about yourself!

My name is Sophie Lagarrigue, I’m 41 years old, and I’m mother to adorable little Côme, who is 2 years old. I worked for 15 years as an expert in marketing and digital communications for cosmetic companies and major French and international luxury brands such as Dior. Just before I hit 40, I had my son, and he completely changed my life.

I quit my time-consuming job as a businesswoman and decided to start my own brand of fresh and fun eco-friendly fashion for families, Bonnefamilles. Families come in all shapes in sizes, and I wanted to celebrate that through my brand! It’s important to acknowledge that families do not in any way have to fit the mold, and that it doesn't matter what others think, family is about love and happiness. 

I also fixed my smile... Our smile is so symbolic, it says so much about us. I was finally able to smile with my teeth and show others I was ready to take risks and take advantage of my new life. It was, in a way, a kind of rebirth.

What’s your ideal jungle?

I’m a digital nomad and feel at home wherever I am. I always have a tablet, a laptop, and a smartphone on me so I can work whenever and from wherever—like a co-working space, a café, in the subway, at a friend's house, or at home. I like this flexibility, of having the ability to manage my schedule as I see fit. And working remotely gives me the opportunity to meet new people all the time.

So, my jungle is, hands down, my startup, my brand. I give 300% of myself, all the time—days, nights, and weekends—to make this project that’s become my second baby grow. It took 18 months for it to finally hatch…or two full-term pregnancies! It’s an incredible challenge, and I now need to develop it even further. Since taking this step, I’m even more of a go-getter—nothing scares me! I take even more risks; I’ve become an absolute tigress! 

When do you feel like you’re “queen of the jungle?”

I feel like I’m queen of the jungle when my son gives me a big kiss. I just melt! The tigress in me becomes a true mama cat.

What are some of the particularities of creating this project as a woman?

I am a feminist deep-down and inequality between the sexes, which I’ve seen in both my current and past work, revolts me. But I've also seen female rivalry, particularly in the world of luxury, which can sometimes be very cruel...

Now that I’m working for myself, I’m taking part in various networks for women, since they are constantly popping up and growing in nature. I’m involved in a mentoring program for women and am mentored by a “male” top manager. I’ve also just recently joined a developing network of incredibly dynamic women. All these networks, whether they're for women or for everyone, give me the opportunity to meet new people and generate new business.

What makes you bare your claws?

Bonnefamilles is about being authentic. This authenticity encompasses my commitments towards my community and eco-friendly values. I don’t think that a truly sustainable brand can be created without being sincere. So, I’m just astounded by the green washing that some brands are doing to respond to this trend of environmentally conscious consumers when, in reality, they aren't committed at all. This is why I chose to have Bonnefamilles labeled by SloWeAre, a platform that certifies environmentally responsible brands, to prove my commitments to these principles.

What makes you roar with pleasure?

I’m absolutely delighted when Bonnefamilles receives positive feedback and when I see how many people are following this idea of (im)perfection and originality I make an aim of conveying. And, of course, when I see my sweatwear being worn in the street, I’m over the moon—it’s the sign that my dream has become a reality!

Is a green lifestyle important to you?

I was brought up to respect others and the environment and had also developed a love for beautiful things at a young age. This has always guided me as I’ve made mindful consumption a priority in my life. Since my son was born, this natural affinity to sustainability and green has been reinforced. I’ve adopted a flexitarian diet, I look for quality over quantity, I’ve gotten closer to nature, and I try to follow my instincts and intuition.

What’s your secret to recharging your batteries?

My weekly iyengar yoga sessions are just the thing to help me rest and recuperate. This is essential for me every week; I wouldn’t miss it for the world! And I haven’t for almost fifteen years. Yoga relaxes me, brings me to a place of peace, and allows me to jump back into the game refreshed and ready for action!

We’ve got to ask: what role does lipstick play in all of this?

I've always been a huge fan of lipstick! I’ve got pretty full lips that I always like to embellish with particularly bright, lively colors. ;-)

Do you have a favorite color?

Oh yes, and it’s an ALL TIGERS one, to boot! My favorite color is, without a doubt, “Call me Queen” classic red 888, which makes me feel like an absolute queen of the jungle, even if I’m just wearing jeans and sneakers. A gorgeous red is like a gorgeous dress (or sweatshirt!), as it makes you feel beautiful and confident in any situation. And ever since I’ve had my new smile, I love showing it off it even more!

There you have it, you’re now a Tiger! What’s your motto?

My motto would be “the energizer tiger,” because I’m known to always keep going!

Thank you, Sophie !

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