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|PRE ORDER| ALL TIGERS Reveals its first Range of Eyeshadows !

Here is a preview of everything you need to know on ALL TIGERS 1st eyeshadows collection !



« This is the eye of the tiger, a fighter… »

Fierce! From political activists to devoted artists, these women have, as witness or victim, given us the chance to see through their eyes the realities of this world and the injustices it holds.

As they look to better the world around them, these women (seriously fierce af) pave the way for many.

And you can, too. With your look that is fierce. Wild. Free. It’s a look that doesn't take anything from anyone. We want to celebrate this look with the launch of the very first set of ALL TIGERS eyeshadow pencils.

  • Fierce because we're free from blind faith, as expected by the majority of those who still decide what we put on our eyelids. Microplastics, heavy metals, shady preservatives, crude oil...seriously? We’ve had enough already! ALL TIGERS eyeshadows symbolize the values we hold so dear, for a formula that is natural and vegan. That’s it.
  • Fierce because we're free to express our originality, to be limitless with our creativity and our taste, so that each woman can choose her color, her finish, her look, to blaze her trail towards something unique and bold. The pencil makes it all possible! 


ALL TIGERS is not about constant launches or racing to keep up with the latest fads. Fast beauty ? It’s like fast fashion: a never-ending cycle of overproduction and destruction of unsold product. Our approach to this incredible waste is to launch fewer products—but of higher quality!

And this is why our community is key. Of course, we also turn to professionals with a lot of experience in everything cosmetics. But, like we always tell them, we can always call on the best experts: YOU! You're the ones using ALL TIGERS, so you know better than anyone else! Each creation is developed with you, as you help us through social media, questionnaires, and surveys every step of the way.

ALL TIGERS eyeshadows fards paupieres

When the community co-creates the eyeshadows...

3-In-1: this eyeshadow pencil does it all. Just change how it is applied to get the different finishes.

  • Eyeliner? Trace a thin line at the edge of your eyelid for a bold look.
  • Discreet eyeshadow? Apply just a tad of shadow to your eyelid and blot it out for a soft look.
  • Intense eye makeup? Completely color in your eyelid for a strong, rich look.


ALL TIGERS Eyeshadows

Your set is made up of 12 shades, ranging from the most subtle to the most striking, to be applied alone, in pairs, or mixed together for the greatest spectrum of colors like ocean blue, pale pink, plum, and gold—there’s no limit to your creativity!  

And you let your voice be heard, by letting us know that every ingredient, every bit of packaging, must respond to the aims of a new generation of cosmetics. A generation of cosmetics that’s natural, vegan, and aware of the social and environmental issues of our era.

Requested by your, developed WITH you! With ALL TIGERS eyeshadows, your result is flawless. And this set truly represents everything that we are about:

  • Green formula : 100% vegan, up to 100% natural or organic ingredients And you will find here everything you need to know about the ingredients of ALL TIGERS eyeshadows.
  • Minimal carboon footprint : wood pencils issued from sustainably managed forests, bioplastic cover, package-free.
  • Flawless result : creamy texture for a super-comfortable cover, long-lasting wear, bright and bold colors, variety of shades and finishes, with a range of looks from matte to metallic... No need to be a makeup pro, application is easy!
  • Active care: Filled with plant oils and antioxidant extracts, this eyeshadow has been made with the best ingrendients out there to keep your skin healthy and beautiful.
  • 1% of sales goes to the protection of wild tigers in Asia : our unwavering commitment, for every single product. We are proud to collaborate with Poh Kao as part of the international network 1% FOR THE PLANET

As you can see, we uphold our values every step of the way !


Before every launch, All Tigers opens up pre-orders at a VIP price for our community. The eyeshadows preorders ended up in December 2020. These pre-orders are important for three reasons:

  • We'd like to show our gratitude to everyone that has participated in the creation of our product. And the best way to do it? Giving you the chance to wear our colors at a VIP price! You are our reason for being! And this pre-order launch bears witness to the particular relationship we have with you.
  • To partially finance the investment needed to launch a new product (which can be quite a lot for a startup). It’s not an easy time for anyone. And this allows us to secure orders with manufacturers and service providers in France and Italy that have been hit hard by the crisis. With your help, we can help them stay afloat and stay around for the long-term.
  • We can manufacture just what is needed and prevent waste by adapting the amount of each shade we make according to how much has been pre-ordered.

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