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French Brands We Love!

Bedroom, kitchen or bathroom, no room in the house would be the same without them. They enchant our daily lives, they concretize our convictions, we love their founders and founders, in short, these French brands have it all. Zoom on 4 brands that you will love.


'Never drunk'! And those who know, know: when you know Chic des Plantes !, then you indulge without restraint in their 100% organic infusions and broths, made in France from the finest plants, spices, flowers, fruits and vegetables, and without any added aroma. From the first sip, there is always a touch of originality that reminds us why we are such a fan. Obviously, we also validate eco-designed packaging. 

If I had to choose just one, it would be beautiful plant, no doubt the best organic detox herbal tea signed Chic des Plantes! In boost mode for a light and slender silhouette, the Belle Plante organic detox infusion unfolds its notes of rose and raspberry... Grrrr!



We've found our favorite routine for boost the nature of our hair ! Since Madame President conquered the power (over our hair), no more 'bad hair day'. The range of hair products, in in & out version, allows you to compose a ideal beauty routine for all hair types.

The story started in 2017, with the ambition to imagine a new simple and quick routine, 100% made in France, which would take care of all hair types, for a simplified daily life. Promise kept: natural formulas for more beautiful, longer, stronger hair. Madame President ? We vote for!


It's the brand that reinvents the 'farm-to-face' à la française: in the French Alps, Exertier cultivates, transforms and formulates its own signature ingredients. And we couldn't find anything better than their moisturizing face cream, to restore glow to skins in need of comfort.

And if we had to designate their best face moisturizer ? It's up to you to choose according to your sensitivity. There is of course the L'Or de L'Orchidée care cream, divine revitalizing texture. And there is the Honey Miracle Cream, cocooning par excellence. So of course, she is not vegan, but when many source their supplies from distant countries where honey is exploited under questionable ethical conditions, Exertier makes respect for bees a central theme, with its beekeepers in the Alps. So depending on your sensitivity, vegan or not, you have the choice! 


Sleeping well shouldn't be a luxury! Because it's at night that you replenish your energy capital, so we want to pay attention to all those little details that contribute to the quality of a good sleep... And inevitably, we can only succumb to the washed linen sheets signed Greige. 

Made in France from 100% French fibers, Greige designs linen sheets certified Masters of Linen, Le top du top! 

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