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"Adventure is a source of joy for me": adventure with Marie-Hortense for her Atlantic sailing tour

The real adventure! Marie-Hortense Varin is about to cast off for a tour of the Atlantic. The Tigers, ready to embark? 
Marie-Hortense Varin
You introduce yourself ? 
My name is Marie-Hortense, I am an entrepreneur and passionate about the ocean. Parisian for 15 years, I have just moving to Saint-Malo to get closer to the spray! I prepare with my husband a year-long boat adventure, to discover on Instagram here

Why is it important to go on an adventure?
Because "the joy of living is in the action" ! This sentence of Lyautey, my grandfather had written it in large in the playroom of his grandchildren. We were 21 cousins, and I think that marked us all! Adventure is a source of joy for me, thrills and adrenaline.
And then the adventure makes you grow: it allows you to confront your own fears and overcome them. We come out of it stronger, transformed, especially since today our lives are still very peaceful; it's good from time to time to stop scrolling and roll up their sleeves to confront the slope of a mountain or the waves of the ocean...
Marie-Hortense Varin
What's your next adventure?
I'm going to do a round the atlantic sailing. It's a sporting, technical and mental adventure - and then above all a couple's adventure since we will live together on an 11.5m boat for almost a year! We've sailed quite a bit already, but this time it will be different : surfing together on a 5-meter swell in the middle of the ocean, days sailing from the coast, it's still very different from doing short coastal courses.
Above all, sailing is an ultra complete sport with a lot of learning: when you cross the Atlantic you have to be a sailor, of course, but also a cook - very important for the morale on board! -, and a bit of a doctor, mechanic, fisherman, meteorologist, electrician... I try to share all these adventures daily on Instagram! Finally, sailing also demands an unshakeable trust between us: when one of us takes the helm, we are responsible for the other. 
To go on an adventure, what are your 3-4 essentials?

- A reading light to occupy my night shifts: when sailing, someone always has to watch over the course of the boat, so we sleep alternately in two-hour periods. E-books keep me awake when it's my turn to take the helm!
- Sports rubber bands to stay in shape even if you don't walk for two weeks
- and an nail and hair treatment ALL TIGER! At sea, my hair quickly suffers from the sun and the sea spray. Nothing better than natural gummies to make sure I arrive with a healthy mane at the next stopover :)
Thank you Marie-Hortense! 
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