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"Dare to give the first pedal stroke": the adventure with Marie-Caroline, from Petites Reines

Adventure on two wheels! Historically, the bicycle - also nicknamed the little queen - has been instrumental in allowing women to move around as they please, and to gain their freedom of movement. An adventure that Marie-Caroline Guinier has made its own: with Petites Reines, it re-enchants cycling with chic accessories for smooth mobility, of course, but above all fiercely stylish. The Tigers, in the saddle! 

Marie-Caroline Guinier

You introduce yourself ?

I am Marie-Caroline, founder of Little Queens. After working for 20 years for luxury brands, I embarked on my dream as an entrepreneur in the midst of Covid, to launch a design and lifestyle brand that accompanies the momentum of women in life as by bike. I have a tribe of 3 children at home, I believe it's called "Mumpreneure" and I love it.

Petites Reines is actually a call to go on an adventure, isn't it?

The purpose of Petites Reines is toinvite women to embark on the adventure of their lives, whoever she is. Why? Because we all have a way of fully realizing ourselves, and the best way to get there is to get moving to go towards the one we want to become.

So my message is "Dare to givefirst pedal stroke, like when you were a kid and first rode a bike without the little wheels". That mixture of excitement and apprehension was there, but the call of freedom took over... a beautiful metaphor for life.

Petites Reines

How do we follow the Little Queens adventure?

On the site and you can join now community and good vibes Little Queens on our Insta @petitesreinesparis

Where does the rest of the adventure take you?

When we start moving, we never stay alone for very long....Since the beginning I have been surrounded by a great design team, a real family. My next adventure comes from a new encounter: a tandem with my new partner. A real personality match, and the awesome prospect of living the roller coaster of entrepreneurship two or more!.

The 3-4 essentials to go on an adventure?

- Self-confidence : It took me 40 years to figure it out, but I finally realized that if I left it in the closet, I was never getting very far!

- My "powergirl" ring : the drape of Annelise Michelson, my entrepreneur friend whose journey and creations I admire, and who makes me strong with her draped little finger ring.

- Et la finishing touch.....  ALL TIGERS nail polish ! I love having pretty nail colors when I'm on my bike, it's my little glamorous pleasure, and Alexis' polishes don't damage my ultra-sensitive nails! This man understands women!! 

A varnish for adventure is not trivial!  

Yes, it is perhaps surprising to speak of beauty to go on an adventure. But that's precisely what I believe in and the reason why I created Petites Reines: I wanted women to be able to set off with a "queen bearing" on the "little queen", the bike. Inspired by Diane von Furstenberg, who already said in the 70s: "Be a woman, Wear a dress".

I adhere to this idea that self-confidence also comes from feeling beautiful, whatever form we give to this beauty. And that once we trust, all adventures are possible. So, have a good trip!

Thank you Marie-Caroline!

Want to join the ALL TIGERS adventure? Only one solution: subscribe now to our instagram page and make your voice heard. Many other projects are to come! We consult with our community at every key brand milestone. Ready to roar? ROAAARRRR! 

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