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"I learned to surpass myself, to take up difficult challenges": meeting with Marie, boomerang world champion

It goes away and it comes back! World boomerang champion in 2021, Marie Appriou is challenging for her title at the 2022 championships which will take place at her home, in the Bordeaux region, from August 17 to 25! A fiercely rewarding meeting...

 Marie Appriou _ championne du monde de boomerang

You introduce yourself ?

My name is Marie Appriou, I am 24 years old and I am the world boomerang champion.

How did the urge to boomerang come about?

The boomerang runs in the family, we are even nicknamed the Boomerang Family. For the record, it is my father who has been passionate about all flying machines since his childhood. Whether kites, rockets or boomerangs. Being the eldest in my family, it was natural that I got into it! It's funny, because when he was going to train, he took me with him and I had fun throwing all the boomerangs in his bag and that's when he said to me, I'm going to make you some a. I hooked straight away!

How do you train for the World Cup? What are your goals ?

My trainings are divided according to the periods of the year. The cold period, winter, I practice crossfitness 5 times a week. From sunny days, I practice boomerang with the young graduates of my boomerang club, Boomerang33, in addition to the crossfitness. For the past few months, I have been trying to train 2 to 3 times a week for the championships.

What is your mantra for pursuing your ambitions?

I would say my mantra is to don't give up in the face of difficulty. The boomerang is an activity amazing but also very frustrating. Indeed, we are subject to the vagaries of the wind, the weather, but also our own performance. Must therefore do a lot of work on our mind so as not to give up at the slightest difficultyé and for quickly re-focus. I admit that sometimes it's not easy when nothing goes our way...

On your activity today, is it a particularly masculine area? 

Currently, boomerang as a sport is male. We are very few women and young girls to practice it. We try to attract new practitioners, but it is very hard, especially with regard to the sports market and all the diversity of existing practice.

I think being a woman in the boomerang brought me a lot in my personal and professional life. It is often said that being in a predominantly male environment has more or less positive influences on the personality and attitude of people. For my part, I learned to surpass myself and to take up difficult challenges, which quickly made me growing up. Car above the fact that there had lots of men around me, they were mostly adults and my desire was to beat them all. It's a bit silly when you think about it, but that was my goal when I was younger, and even today, it still is!

What would you like to see evolve in your sport or in your daily life?

The practice format is aging badly. These are the same competitions since the 1980s and our discipline needs a facelift to attract new practitioners. If we look a little at the history of sports, it is those who knew how to change the rules by making their practice more televisual who today, are most popular on our screens. Spectator sport is not a myth, but a reality and the boomerang should ride this wave, because our sport can be spectacular too, if we change the rules.

And the makeup in all of this... what does it mean to you?

People who know me often see me in sportswear and sometimes they notice me when I dress well and make the effort to wear makeup! Honestly, i love makeup, pretty things. I don't necessarily take the time and I've always said to myself that a sportswoman doesn't wear makeup. more thanWhen I watch the Olympics and I see all these superb athletes, well made up, I figure I can do it too, if it pleases me!

Finally, your essential ALL TIGERS makeup for the World Cup?

My essential for the World Cup is the raspberry red nail polish 22 | BE YOUR HERO, for represent France as it should be and down to the fingertips, it rhymes it so ! Little shot of heart also for the other two new colors raspberry and wild rose which are cannons and who will accompany me to the competition! 

A last word for the end?

Thank you very much to my community for the support you give me, I hope to see many of you at the World Cup!  

MThank you very much Marie, see you soon!
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