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“I fight to make fashion available to every woman, regardless their size." – Interview of Emmanuelle Szerer, founder of Almé Paris

Almé's adventure is, above all, a personal story. It begins with its founder, Emmanuelle Szerer, mother of two daughters and entrepreneur at heart. Committed to a more just and inclusive fashion, she tells us how she left everything behind to defend her convictions and bring magic to everyday life for all women alike! Portrait of a committed Tiger and entrepreneur.

PART 1: Your project 

So, tell us about yourself! 

I was born in Avignon to a family of entrepreneurs; my parents were always working late nights. I started off in market finance for a large bank, but the world of entrepreneurship soon called to me
I’m passionate about the 70s. The design, the fashion, the music, the artists, the lifestyle...everything about this era amazes me.
I also practice Kundalini yoga and love Odile Chabrillac’s kunda-magic rituals—I never miss a class! I have a lot of fun adding magic to my daily routine.

Could you tell us a bit about how ALME was created?

My children were born one right after the other, and it took a long time for my second to sleep through the night. The fatigue from this made me gain 25 kilos (55 lbs). I could not find anything for me in plus size fashion and realized just how unjust it was that sizes stopped at 44—as if 40% of woman in France do not deserve to dress just like everyone else! This inequality inspired me to change course so I could learn about the world of fashion and then start something of my own! 

Tiger and entrepreneur: What was the biggest challenge when creating your project? What was the greatest reward?

Ah, it’s difficult to choose! Being an entrepreneur means accepting a life of constant ups and downs, but the true challenge is staying calm and collected through it all. You cannot let yourself feel defeated by the bumps in the road—trusting your fate and welcoming every moment with open arms is key!

The greatest moments for me are when I receive feedback from happy customers who have been able to rediscover their confidence and spark through my pieces. I am always incredibly touched when I read their kind gives my company a purpose.


PART 2 : Tiger Emmanuelle

Emmanuelle Szerer, founder of Almé Paris

What makes you a Tiger?

My friends have nicknamed me “the Bulldozer.” No need for explanation... When I have something in mind, there’s nothing that can stop me!

When do you feel like you’re “queen of the jungle?”

When I see the enthusiasm, the joy, the humor, and the innocence in my daughters, who are 5 and 7 years old. This is when I tell myself that being a mother is one of life’s most amazing adventures.

Who is the ultimate Tiger for you?

My great-grandmother who, with 5 kids, immigrated to France. She was unstoppable. Back then, people didn’t stop to think about how much they are carrying on their shoulders. She was the pillar of the family. When I’m going through a hard time, I often think of her, and that gives me the strength to go on. 

What makes you bare your claws?

Two things: injustice and incoherence. Everyone has a right to their opinion, but I really have a hard time with those that cherry-pick the positive aspects of an idea and refuse to accept the negative. I look at everything from all angles, so it is difficult for me to get along with people who don’t. But I’m working on it! :)


PART 3: The representation of women according to Almé

How do you feel about an industry that makes clothes just up to size 3? What does this mean to you?

Injustice. I find it incredibly discriminating. I understand there are constraints in the industry, but I really wonder why it has decided to not address and dress every woman.

Your website reads “the Almé woman is [...] her own every-day heroine.” What do you mean by that?

The Almé woman is strong and confident, and she turns every moment of her daily life into magic. I’m convinced that this spark needs to come from within us.

Why does offering women of all sizes a collection of fashion dedicated to top-notch material, style, and quality make you roar with pleasure?

I fight to make fashion available to every woman, regardless their size. I am over the moon to know that my customers, after receiving an Almé piece, can look in the mirror and find themselves beautiful!

What is your go-to piece from the Almé collection? Your favorite item which makes you feel like queen of the jungle when you wear it ?

Our jeans, hands down! They are so comfortable, you can slide into them, and they show off your gorgeous curves!


What does lipstick mean to you? What does it symbolize?

Lipstick is absolute femininity. And for me, it also symbolizes evenings out with friends, parties, cocktails...

Do you have a favorite lipstick or nail lacquer color?

The Wild in Red!

Do you wear eye make-up?

I love an iridescent chestnut brown eye pencil.


Thank you Emmanuelle ! 


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