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"WAAM Cosmetics is first and foremost about sharing and transmission" | Interview with Dieynaba Ndoye

She is one of those great figures of entrepreneurship and natural cosmetics: dive with us into the journey of Dieynaba Ndoye, founder of WAAM. Natural products, a commitment to the environment and a bold vision, meeting with an inspiring Tiger! 
Tell us about the genesis of WAAM...

WAAM was born in 2016 with the Yuzu Shea Butter in homage to the shea whipped cream with lemon zest from my childhood in Senegal. I wanted to offer a range of products centered on the essential, the natural with raw, healthy and organic products from all over the world and shared with their ancestral beauty secrets. Since 2016, our offer has diversified with complete ranges vegetable oils, plant powder, of Neutral care customizable according to individual needs.

And in recent years, what have been the significant novelties?  

Last year, our range of powder cosmetics “ MAGIC POWDERS » was born with 4 essentials of daily hygiene, composed of raw ingredients such as Rhassoul or Cucumber powder. It is a hyper innovative range formulated without water with 100% natural active ingredients and which allows you to discover a galenic different from solid or conventional products. This year again we have extended our offer with the Gel of Lin which has been a great success and just recently our ORGANIC milky make-up remover balm based on Sweet Almond oil. Again and again nature at the service of beauty.

What were major milestones in WAAM's history?

There is of course the birth of the brand in 2016 with Yuzu Shea Butter. From 2019, the recruitment of the first team of employees, the first fundraising in 2020, were essential steps. And in 2021, our first communication campaign in the metro and our web series, and in 2022, the launch of our range of powder cosmetics!

What is the message you carry through WAAM?

WAAM Cosmetics  it is first and foremost sharing and transmission. It is important for me to make people understand that we can take care of ourselves, of our beauty while respecting the planet and even more by drawing inspiration from what it offers us and what has been transmitted to us. This is why at WAAM we always offer innovative, but simple, healthy and minimalist formulas. We are committed to offering eco-designed containers that are as beautiful as they are practical. We have put several actions in place to share our values and offer for example the solidarity shopping on our site, which allows all our customers to support an association by buying on the site. 

What were the biggest challenges you faced as an entrepreneur in the beauty industry?

I would say that the main difficulty is that the beauty industry is an industry full of codes, where it is difficult to find a place in it and especially to change mores. We must constantly make efforts to convince that the natural is as effective, or even more than the conventional, to make consumers adopt new galenics and more ecological beauty routines.

What are the main challenges you had to face?

We encounter challenges on a daily basis, but if I had to note a few examples I would say to make the message and the values of the brand understood, to build a relationship of trust with our community, the WAAM Family and to always maintain our quality requirements from creation to end. to the use of the product.

What are your future projects?

We obviously want to expand our offer and share even more beauty secrets but above all to be able to bring, improve our impact on the world by replacing each controversial product with a healthier, more sober, more ethical and more ecological alternative.

We loved the latest cleansing balm!

Make-up removal is a step in the routine that can be complicated, many products are controversial, you don't always know what to choose between oil, micellar water, make-up remover wipes or other. With the Milky Cleansing Balm, we wanted to offer a product that combines both efficiency and naturalness. As explained above, our goal is to replace every everyday product with a healthier, more sober, more ethical and more ecological alternative.

If you had to choose a favorite product from ALL TIGERS, what would it be?

With its innovative format, I would say without hesitation: eyeshadow pencil. Moreover, as we love to give gifts, we spoiled our customers by offering it to the first people who had the opportunity to get our novelty, The Milky Cleansing Balm!  

Thank you very much Dieynaba, see you soon!

Do you want to participate in the ALL TIGERS adventure? Only one solution: subscribe now to our instagram page and make your voice heard. Many other projects are to come! We consult with our community at every key brand milestone. Ready to roar? ROAAARRRR

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