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ALL TIGERS opens the pre-order of its Summer 2022 collection

You are our community, you inspired and guided their creation, be the first to wear them: the summer novelties are on pre-order. Summer is going to be wild!

The preorder is now over. All products are now available for regular orders ! 

Pre-ordering is our ritual, an appointment we wouldn't miss for anything in the world, before each launch of new products. It's as if summer was already here. On the program: exclusive offers to take advantage of new products before anyone else: 3 new nail polish shades, and the launch of a whole new offer, our first nail & hair gummies. RoaRRR ! 

Gummies ongles vernis


> NUDE BEIGE 121 "DON'T BE QUIET" - Le nude varnish par excellence. Not so wise, this slightly rosy beige, bare nail effect! With its buildable opacity over time, it's the perfect color for a subtle, elegant manicure that adapts to all skin tones.

100% vegan formula, 82% natural or bio-sourced ingredients. 

> WILD ROSE 123 "MOVE THE MOUNTAIN" - It's the rosewood varnish perfect, with terracotta reflections, which gives you the strength to move mountains! It enhances the lightest complexions, asserts itself as an intense rosy nude for darker skin. This polish warms up the coldest skin tones, and evens out the warmer ones. Adjustable opacity.

100% vegan formula, 81% natural or bio-sourced ingredients. 

> RASPBERRY RED 222 "BE YOUR HERO" = The timeless raspberry red varnish, between the elegance of a red and the freshness of a rosé. "Be your own heroine!", as this tint proclaims that gives you the confidence of a Tiger in any occasion. Opaque from the first application, this magenta will be the perfect finishing touch for all your looks.

100% vegan formula, 75% natural or bio-sourced ingredients. 


Half-mast nails, fragile and brittle hair, grows too slowly, occasional or regular drops ? Behind these little worries, it's a little our self-confidence that dulls ... And that, the Tigers, no way to get used to it. Our mane, our claws, we hold on to it. And if necessary, we take out the fangs.

Precisely, our solution is chewable: building on the success of our beauty infusion, we continued to explore the world of dietary supplements, and became fans of gummies, these dietary supplements in the form of a gum. And these gummies, we imagined them in the ALL TIGERS way: concentrated in active ingredients for top performance, 98% natural origin, 100% vegan, for a cure that is ultra-easy to follow over time. 

One meeting was totally decisive: we made trust has a French laboratory and manufacturer in full launch, mounted by nutri-cosmetics experts and whose values align perfectly with ours. Their workshop in Auvergne is a model : reduction of environmental impact, saving water, energy, waste cycle, transport, common sense cooperation with local partners... 

  • Performance au top : 4 recognized active ingredients are associated to combine their effects: Vitamin B8 (or Biotin), Zinc, Horsetail extract, Nettle extract. 
  • Formulation 98% d'orgine natural & 100% vegan
  • More convenience, less sugar : 1 single gummie per day, for simplify the daily gesture, and limit sugar intake. Note that a gum corresponds to fewer calories than 3 cherries, it remains reasonable. And as it is super good, we hold on! 3 months of treatment allow tangible and lasting results on your nails and hair, and it is possible to continue taking it daily all year round. 


It's your turn ! To be able to offer you the best prices, we have created 4 special pre-order kits:

  • Our star is the kit IMPERIAL TIGER which brings together your essentials for the summer = the 3 new varnishes + 1 box of gummies + 1 Gloss ROSE 601. Unstoppable! 

3 other kits are also available, according to your desires and your budget:

  • Le kit QUEEN TIGER brings together the 4 new products: the 3 new varnishes + 1 box of gummies.
  • Nothing but polishes with the kit EASY TIGER which includes: the 3 new varnishes + the base/top coat
  • If you want to take the time to test, the kit BABY TIGER is made for you = 1 box of gummies + 1 nude nail polish 121 + 1 mini red nail polish

The new products are also available individually from now on the eshop, without any particular offer. 


Each ALL TIGERS launch is preceded by a pre-order phase intended for the community, with a special rate. It's a principle, an approach that we pursue, launch after launch. What is the interest in participating in the pre-order?  

  • Take advantage of the special rate - It's our way of expressing our gratitude towards our community who participated in all stages of the creation of new products: you wear our colors, before everyone else, and at a friendly price! You are our inspiration, our reason for being, and each pre-order testifies to this privileged bond that we weave with you.
  • Support our partner ecosystem - Like us, like you, they strongly believe in more sustainable, greener beauty. The Covid crisis has penalized their development, these pre-orders make it possible to secure our commitments in advance, a guarantee of sustainability for their activities.
  • Help us to produce more leanly and avoid any mess! The pre-order allowsadapt the volumes to be manufactured for each reference according to the pre-ordered quantities.

 Want to take over ALL TIGERS? Only one solution: subscribe now to our instagram page and make your voice heard. Many other projects are to come! We consult with our community at every key brand milestone. Ready to roar? ROAAARRRR! 

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