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ALL TIGERS launches its first Nail & Hair Gummies

"Strong is the new pretty" : being strong is more important than being pretty, that's a mantra for ALL TIGERS. And when we ask the community, among the symbols of beauty that evoke the idea of power, the ALL TIGERS community often pointed to hair and nails. So, how to take care of them, how to boost them? Our solution: gummies ALL TIGERS

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When manes and claws are on top, it's charisma, it's aura, it's a way of expressing self-confidence that seems reinforced. But when it's the cata ... it's the cata! fragile and brittle hair, grows too slowly, occasional or regular drops, oangles at half mast? This is probably a sign of a lack of certain vitamins and minerals, which can be supplemented. 

Gummies cheveux ongles

With the first success of our Coup de Griffe beauty infusion, we continued to explore the world of dietary supplements, and we fell in love with this new generation of food supplements, effective and ultra-practical, the gummies

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Are gummies effective?

This is THE big question: do gummies work? Regulars of dietary supplements are familiar with classic formats, capsules or tablets, close to the drug: reassuring on the impression of effectiveness, but not very funky to take on a daily basis. No wonder that in recent years, galenics have become so diversified, with the ambition to reach consumers who want to take care of their beauty or their well-being, with more attractive, easier, more gourmet formats, such as mixing powders, drinking concentrates, beauty infusions... And in this trend, there is bound to be a star: these are obviously the gummies.

What drew us to the format gummies

- An efficiency similar to a classic supplement: If the appearance of the gummie is far from tablets and capsules, the composition on the other hand, for nail & hair use, is similar. These are the same active ingredients, at the same dosages than in a classic version of hair and nail supplements, to target equivalent effectiveness. 

- What about bio-assimilation? the question of bio-assimilation is whether the active ingredients contained in the gummies are diffused and then assimilated in the body with the same efficiency as a conventional supplement. A study published in 2019 in the scientific journal Nutrients compares two groups of volunteers, one taking Vitamin D tablets, the other Vitamin D gummies at the same dosage: we give you a thousand, these are the gummies who won. 

- Compliance Made Easy: gummies have a powerful advantage over historical formats: taste! Compliance is the fact of following the cure to the end. THEn knows, un dietary supplement is only effective if taken regularly. You must not let go. With their shape of candies, and their fruity taste, these chewable gummies are the maximum of taste pleasure. We have a much easier time getting to the end of our pot of delicious gummies than classic tablets, how about you? 

- Practicality: A traditional supplement in tablet or capsule can be difficult to swallow, and you don't always have water with you. No constraints with chewable gummies. 

 Gummies cheveux ongles

ALL TIGERS, the best hair & nail gummies?

Yes, we wanted to create the best hair & nail gummies, anyway, by our standards :-) We're not the first in this segment, so we wanted to push all the sliders and tick all the boxes. 

> Partnership of excellence - A meeting was totally decisive: we made trust has a French laboratory and manufacturer in full launch, mounted by nutri-cosmetics experts and whose values align perfectly with ours. Everything in the'manufacturing workshop that they built in Auvergne testifies toa reasoned approach, guided by the principles of the regenerative economy : reduction of environmental impact, saving water, energy, waste cycle, transport, common sense cooperation with local partners... It all takes shape in a state-of-the-art production tool, following the best manufacturing standards. ALL TIGERS is their first partnership, and it's a great source of pride.

> Top performance : Biologically, hair and nails belong to the same family, skin appendages, which share common characteristics and therefore fairly similar needs in terms of micronutrient intake. ALL TIGERS gummies have been designed for beauty and nail and hair health improve and maintain the optimal condition of the nails, and promote the growth and strengthening of the hair. 

4 recognized active ingredients are associated to combine their effects: Vitamin B8 (or Biotin), Zinc, Horsetail extract, Nettle extract. 3 months of treatment allow you to obtain tangible and lasting results on your nails and your hair, and it is possible to continue taking it daily all year round. 

> Natural & vegan formulation : it is not always easy to know what the percentage of naturalness of gummies on the market is: the information is rarely displayed, simply because the percentage is often quite low. In ALL TIGERS gummies, the formula is 97% natural origin and 100% vegan, faithful to our commitments. Pno animal gelatin, no gluten. And always an eco-reasoned approach: jar and cap made of recyclable plastic, and 1% of sales donated for the preservation of the wild tiger in Asia

> More convenience, less sugar regulars know it, it is often advisable to take several gummies each day: it is restrictive, and we multiply the sugar intake. In the ALL TIGERS gummies we managed to place the optimal dosage of active ingredients in a single chewable gum, which simplifies the daily gesture, and limits sugar intake. Note that a gum corresponds to fewer calories than 3 cherries, it remains reasonable. 

Effective, 97% natural, 100% vegan, ultra-practical, ALL TIGERS hair and nail gummies complete your beauty routine. We officially open the era of chewable beauty, the Tigers! 

And if you want to continue building ethical and natural cosmetics, join the movement and take the reins of ALL TIGERS! Subscribe now to our Instagram page and make your voice heard. We consult with our community at every key brand milestone. Ready to roar? ROAAARRRR!

*Bioequivalence Studies of Vitamin D Gummies and Tablets in Healthy Adults: Results of a Cross-Over Study. Nutrients 201911, 1023. 

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