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4 Lipstick Colors You'll Love in Spring

Which lipstick colors will be part of this season's upcoming trend? As spring 2019 approaches, Cécile from the blog Les Confidences de Lizzie delivers her predictions.


For this spring 2019, lipstick colors are expected to be punchy while also soft and delicate. We're going to be spoiled! Let's check it out!

ALL TIGERS couleurs tendance rouge à lèvres naturel vegan

What Are the Colors to Wear in 2019?

Orange coral lipstick, spring 2019's color trend

"Living Coral" in orange is the color of 2019, chosen by Pantone, the famous color guru. Whether it's on the catwalk, on the street, in home decor, or anywhere else, coral is the color of the moment! Coral is a universal color that adds a touch of light and softness to everything. It provides shine in the blink of an eye. That's why we all have a coral blush in makeup kit, right? And this hue is equally flattering on lips. In fact, the orange coral adapts to all types of skin and skin tones: they add warmth and light to any complexion. Well, it's good to know, ALL TIGERS also comes in a superb orange coral lipstick! This semi-matte, 100% natural and vegan lipstick which will be ideal for spring 2019 and great summer evenings. The Coral Pink Lipstick is also a sure bet!

Check out the Liquid Lipstick 785 Orange Coral "HEAR ME ROAR"

Fuchsia lipstick: giving life to your makeup

After being perceived as too girly, even silly, fuchsia regains its place of nobility. Fuchsia, like red, is a vivid, intense, and bubbly color. Once on the lips, fuchsia lipstick makes the mouth full and plump and ensures a bright and classy look. Fuchsia pink reveals a woman of character, who assumes her choices and actions, who does not go unnoticed. So, in short, an ALL TIGERS woman! But take note, fuchsia lipstick should be paired with an au naturel  complexion, one that's fresh and bright. This also goes for soft eyes. You'll see it everywhere this spring 2019; are you ready?

Check out Liquid Lipstick 786 FUCHSIA "OWN THE STAGE"

Plum gains ground in spring 2019

Plum is a warm, deep, and complementary color. It adds a touch of rebellious femininity, glamour, and pop to any makeup. Plum shades are essential for 2019. While it's dazzling and daring, plum also reveals to be fresh and  voluptuous. It goes well with darker skin as much as it does a paler complexion. And it fits all makeup styles, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. In short, it is time to indulge in an easy matte plum lipstick.

Check out the Liquid Lipstick 980 PURPLE '"FEEL the POWER"

A red mouth, always sexy

Red lipstick is a must-have and it doesn't seem to fall out with the makeup trends for 2019. We opt for a red that covers completely, for a look that's rick and glamorous. Red lipstick can be worn in the daytime or in the evening, bringing about a touch of chic and elegance  à la française. In green and vegan version, ALL TIGERS pure red lipstick is perfect: It's light, pleasant, incredibly enticing, and it leaves an impeccably smooth finish. Could you ask for anything more?

Check out the Liquid Lipstick 888 Pure Red "CALL ME QUEEN"

Personally, my favorites are coral and fuchsia. For those that follow me on my blog, they know how much I love fuchsia; it adds that extra punch to makeup. Coral orange is synonymous with brightness and sunshine. I like to wear it in summer, when the temperatures are high. I think it goes perfectly with a light tan or bronze complexion. In short, my choice is clear: I want these colors in my makeup kit for spring and summer 2019!

What about you? TIGERS, do you have a color preference? What colors do you usually wear in spring? Hear US roar: #WeAreALLTIGERS!

Cécile from the blog Les confidences de Lizzie

[photo: Gustavo Spindula]

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les liens ne fonctionnent pas :/ sinon j’adore les 3 couleurs mais pour le printemps été je porte plus le fushia et le corail tandis que le prune je le réserve pour l’automne hiver

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