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How do I Keep Lipstick From Smudging or Bleeding?

With our guest blogger, Cécile from the blog Les confidences de Lizzie

Wearing a lipstick, especially if it's natural and vegan, is hyper glam and lets you reveal your smile. Application is super easy, but you have to make sure it won't smudge or bleed. How can you prevent an easy matte lipstick from bleeding? What are ALL TIGERS tips for a perfect non-smudge lipstick?

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Our tips for a lipstick that does not smear

Lipstick tends to bleed around the mouth, especially when lips are surrounded by fine lines and wrinkles.

Why is this so? Imagine you're looking at your lips through a magnifying glass: they're surrounded by faint wrinkles and lines. When you apply lipstick to a mouth with fine lines, they do not have a defined outline and therefore do not have a natural limit. Because of this, lipstick will "migrate"—that is to say, the color pigment will move to the surface of the skin, particularly when lips move a lot during the day. And, oh no, bleeding lipstick!

Let's take a look at our ultra-simple tips to get a lipstick that's clearly defined. So here are a few things you can do to make sure your lip is rocking its perfect and clear-cut color all day long.

1 > Apply Lip Liner

No worries, we're not going back to the 90s, where lips were heavily outlined! Lip liner is a go-to make-up tool to properly outline your mouth and establish its limits. Use a color that matches your natural lip color: it is a discreet way to outline your lips before applying the lipstick and will still look natural! The liner will create a limit around your mouth and help the lipstick stay in place.

Keep the liner away from the edges of your mouth near the winkles to prevent your lipstick from bleeding and looking messy.

Bonus: How to choose your lip liner color? 

Speaking of lip liner, how do we choose the best one? Many lip liners are on the market. There are a multitude of shades and textures, from simple to a thick and creamy liner... For info: drier textures are ideal with a gloss to highlight the outline of your lips. They are more pronounced and therefore more visible. But be aware when you're making your decision: the drier a lip liner is, the more difficult it will be to draw. If you want a soft finish for either a matte or glossy lip, opt for an oil-based pencil, for a softer and creamier liner.

To choose the right color, go for nothing too complicated, since you'll have to try to match shades. If you opt for a nude lipstick, opt for a tint close to the natural color of your lips. If you want a dark or brightly colored lipstick, use a slightly darker color. Pro makeup artists don't go beyond a gap of one to two shades between the liner and the lipstick to avoid any major outlines.

Invisible lip liners are also all the rage right now. Their transparent tint is the solution if you don't know which color would match. It has the same properties as a classic liner to prevent overflow.

For a successful application, begin by applying the liner to the double curve found at the top of the lips, right on what's called the Cupid's bow. Lightly draw around the curves of your lips until you read the bottom. Wipe along the line with your finger to prevent excess smudging. Then apply your lipstick.

2 > Blot Your Lips Always!

When you've got too much lipstick on, you risk having it bleed and smudge during the day. So, to prevent this from happening, press a tissue between your lips to remove the excess product. With this, your lipstick won't be prone to bleeding. It's an easy and low-cost tip that needs to be a part of your daily beauty routine.

3 > Makeup Tip: Use Concealer to Outline your lips

I find multi-use makeup products to be way too big of a thing, but it is true that every cosmetic can be used in different ways. Take, for example, concealer—it's great for the mouth.

Applying concealer around the lips outlines and further highlights your mouth. It also helps prevent bleeding when you blend it in with a small sponge or a brush. To do this, just begin above the famous Cupid bow just outside your lip line. Then, apply your lipstick. It will keep it in place and you won't need to worry about smudging or bleeding.

There you go!

As you can see, there are so many make-up tricks to help make natural lipstick last. Lip liner is the easiest makeup trick to prevent lipstick from smudging. However, check out the other tips to find out which one suits you best! This way, your lipstick will no longer smudge and your lips will be glam for many hours! Are you ready to take on lip liner?

Cécile from the blog Les confidences de Lizzie 

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