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All the Tips You Need to Remove a Lipstick Stain From Fabric

What if we got more into the more practical side of things? Let's talk about how to remove a lipstick stain  from a garment, a piece of furniture, or a couch! Our guest blogger Cécile shares 6 ways to effectively eliminate traces of lipstick.

Hello TIGERS! Lipstick is a key cosmetic we: it can be vibrant, glamorous, and elegant or natural and soft. But one thing is for sure, once lipstick leaves our delicate lips and finds itself on a couch, a dress, or a shirt, it's hello damage! It can become a very nasty stain indeed, for it's particularly very stubborn on textile. You know how to remove long-lasting lipstick, but do you know how to give rid of a stain outside your lips? Let's go!

How Do I Remove Lipstick From Fabric or a Couch?

3 Errors to Avoid When Removing a Lipstick Stain

Here are three key suggestions for an effective clean. These common mistakes must be avoided if you want to succeed in removing lipstick traces.

  • Waiting is a big no-no! If you wait, the stain will become further embedded in the fabric. You must act immediately to properly get rid of the stain.
  • Putting the fabric directly into the machine is risky business! This will not necessarily be effective, and, even when the situation seems hopeless, you must follow washing instructions for the specific fabric you're dealing with.
  • Using cold water is ineffective! With lukewarm water, you get much better results.

The Best Ways to Remove a Lipstick Stain

And now, what are some tips to eliminate lipstick from a garment and / or couch?  Here are 6 simple methods that can really help you.

ALL TIGERS éliminer les traces de rouge à lèvres sur meuble ou vêtement

Make a Smudge of Lipstick Disappear With a Makeup Remover

Why wasn't this thought of earlier? The first thing to do is use a makeup remover. Problem: You cannot use an oil-based remover at the risk of aggravating the stain. With a micellar solution—or even better, a milk cleanser, pat the lipstick stain and then let it sit for 10 to 20 minutes. Then rinse. Finally, if your garment or textile can go into the machine, throw it in the wash. But be careful, not one or two hours later: you've got to do it now! Turn it on right away. This practical trick obviously does not apply to a fabric that does not go into a machine.

Clean the Lipstick Stain With Butter

If the stain is newly fresh (just a few minutes), and if the surface allows it, grab a fatty substance, for example, butter, and a spoon. Rub the fatty substance on the lipstick stain with the back of the spoon for a few seconds. You can finish it off with a little liquid detergent if necessary.

If your fabric is a clothing item, immediately put it in the washing machine. However, if it's a chair or sofa, rinse it with clean lukewarm water. If you find that the task is still stubborn, opt for another solution.

Remove the Lipstick Stain With Dish Detergent

Dish soap is a mild detergent that gets rid of stains quite easily. Just let the dish detergent sit for several minutes after scrubbing it for a few minutes. Then slip the laundry into a machine or rinse it with clean, lukewarm water. Voila, your fabric is like new. :D

Remove Lipstick From a Couch With Toothpaste

Amazing, isn't it? Start by scraping the lipstick from the surface with a the edge of a knife or spoon. Then put some toothpaste on a clean cloth before scrubbing at the stain with a bit of elbow grease! Once you're done, it's best to moisten the stain. If you see that it's still there, try again for several days. 

Ridding Lipstick With White Vinegar

You must have white vinegar in your cupboard. It is magical and multi-functional. It is also super accessible and can be found almost everywhere. To bring your fabric to good as new, soak the stain with a mixture of warm water and white vinegar. Roll up your sleeves to vigorously rub the stain. Miracle! The stain disappears after a being thrown in the machine or a light rinse with clean water.

Use Ether to Remove a Makeup Stain

It's not necessarily green, but it's ultra-efficient: ether works beautifully to get rid of lipstick stains. For this, soak a clean cloth with ether and then gently dab it on the stain before placing it in washing machine. For best results, dab for one to two minutes.

These 6 tips for removing lipstick from a fabric should be tested on a small area of your fabric to find the one that best suits the material and kind of stain you have. It's kind of like a lipstick, you have to test to approve it!

Did you already know these practical and easy ideas? Do you have any other tricks to remove nasty lipstick stains on fabric? #WeAreALLTIGERS

Cécile, from the les confidences de Lizzie.

[Photo: Tim Marshall]


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