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10 Tips on How to Stay Optimistic during Lockdown

So, we’re now in lockdown and unclear of when it will all end. If you’re lucky enough to be in good health during this nightmare, it’s important to keep your chin up, de-stress, and try to see the bright side of things... But honestly, it’s somewhat annoying to be bombarded with the same “truisms” all the time: “keep yourself up,” “stay active,” “don't eat too much sugar.” Back off, alright? The number one thing you and your loved ones need to do is be happy.

So, if it helps, turn to cosmetics for your well-being. Here’s a guide on how you can take the best care of yourself—because what’s a bigger priority than you? Is Self-Care Worthless? We wouldn't say so! It’s sometimes needed to keep going, and it can also be something you do to pass the time. When it comes to beauty rituals, now is the time to do more—or less, that really depends! The ALL TIGERS team has come up with a few tips to help you soldier on and feel better both mentally and physically during this time of forced hibernation.

conseils beaute confinement quarantaine

Make Yourself Useful

We can often feel helpless when we’re up against such a huge crisis and stuck at home. Fortunately, there are many ways to support the collective effort. For example, you can offer to go grocery shopping for an elderly neighbor (while respecting social distancing and shielding guidelines!). Or, if you’re looking for something to do on a larger scale, set up a donation fund for organizations that either focus on humanitarian efforts or support your essential workers (for the Fondation de France, for instance). The important thing is to feel useful since it will give new meaning to this difficult period.

Work Out (or Don't)

You’re in lockdown: does the idea of sitting on the couch all day bum you out? To keep your body and mind in shape and help you transform your anxiety into positive energy, it’s a good idea to stay active around the house. Many fitness coaches have offered free classes online and through social media. But don't put any pressure on yourself! Get up and move at your pace—no one is expecting you to become a star athlete at the moment (and neither should you). 

Do Up Your Nails

Add color to your day! You might accuse us of being biased, but it’s true that this is the perfect time to pull out all the nail lacquers you’ve stored at the back of your drawers and dressers and give them the chance to see the light of day. Choose one shade for a simple mani & pedi, or mix & match your shades for a fun, eccentric look. Your whims rein! And while you're at it, do the whole enchilada. Apply your base coat, first coat, second coat, and top coat like a pro.


ALL TIGERS vernis à ongles

Do a Detox

Just because you’re stuck at home doesn't mean that it’s now time to raid the junk food portion of your pantry. ;-) ...Or maybe from time to time... But if you've ever wanted to do a detox, now is definitely a great time to take the step. If you’ve been putting your body through the ringer, you might want to reduce your nutritional intake (without starving yourself, of course!) for a few days and opt for foods that detox your body naturally such as vegetable juices, lemon-based beverages, green tea, and thyme. The result? A body that starts off on a clean sheet and skin that glows.

Take Care of Your Hair

In normal circumstances, it is impossible to find the time your hair needs for a true deep conditioning treatment. Do you have a hair mask patiently waiting for you in some deep drawer? Now is the time to use it. Or, for lack of, make a homemade DIY hair mask from rich plant oils. Slather your hair with the product, roll it up in a towel, and keep it covered for the night. Then you’re good to go! 

Try Out New Lipstick Shades

Don't be afraid to still do yourself up, Tiger. :-) We often find ourselves using the same one or two shades and don't dare to try the others we’ve accumulated over the years. A lipstick color can showcase your personality or highlight a certain part of yourself. We are constantly evolving, and something that might not have made sense before could reveal to be perfect for you today. So, it’s time to test out a new pout! 

“Hmm, which color am I going to try today?”

Let Your Skin Breathe

If you are prone to wearing foundation 24/7, it might now be the occasion to let your skin take a little break. Just a mini vacation, we promise! Your skin will take advantage of this time to rejuvenate all by itself. And if you just happen to fall in love with your natural self during the process, all the better, no? 

Sort Through Your Stuff

The bathroom often holds a stockpile of outdated beauty products we’ve picked up and put down throughout different periods of our life. Is yours a treasure trove or a dumping ground?

Some of these products may no longer coincide with your current maybe it’s time to let some of them go. Other products might be just too old. You can find on all your products a symbol of an open box which indicates its expiration date after being opened. For example, 12M means that the product is in perfect condition for 12 months once opened. After that, it starts to lose its quality, or even form bacteria. Eeek. If you’ve had something for 2-3 years (or longer!), it’s definitely time to say goodbye...

Put on a Different Type of Face Mask

We get so wrapped up in the rat race of life that giving ourselves 10 minutes for a clay face mask or skin conditioning treatment often seems impossible. If you've got a few hours in front of you, use this time to treat yourself! And if you have kids and they're misbehaving...well, bounding out of the bathroom, face covered with the scaled green coating of a mutant crocodile will definitely leave an impression upon them!

Do a Body Scrub

You went all out and bought yourself a great scrub, but now it’s been sitting on the ledge of your bathtub for some time. Or maybe you’ve got a great DIY recipe you’re just dying to try out. But when do you have the time to do it? Take advantage of this time now to give yourself silky smooth skin...

Beauty Bonus: Do Nothing!

Have you heard of the peace out method? Sometimes, we get so caught up in our own expectations and those we feel we need to follow. Between friends, family, society, social media, and influencers peddling the latest trends, we’re constantly bombarded with what we feel like we “need” to do.

It can be terribly stressful. So, during this lockdown period, put your beauty routine aside and focus on you. Return to your natural ways for a moment to let your body and mind relax. You’ll be excited to return once you do! We’ll let you take a beauty routine break. So, let your hair down! 

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