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Through Mac or Mag, Matte Liquid Lipstick Was Voted In—But Natural First!

When you want to spot the trends, are you scrolling, surfing, or flipping? The result is not very different, in fact! No matter whether you're on the latest Insta accounts or thumbing through a magazine, the observation is always the same: matte lipstick is in and here to stay. Opinions seem unanimous? A few shades close...

We constantly hear about the great return of satin, or the comeback of glossy, but time and time again it's been clear: matte lipstick rules the roost. But it's not for everyone. And as you can see on your Mac or in your mags, it still lacks a true green alternative. Explanations.

ALL TIGERS rouge a levres mac mat mag naturel vegan

How did matte lipstick become so trendy?

Long in the shadow of easy-to-wear satin, matte slowly emerged as evidently photogenic. First made an essential item by makeup brands like MAC and many others, matte took the world by storm via the empire of image: Instagram! It quickly was adopted by influencers thanks to its ability to highlight the perfect pout of such queens of the jungle like Kim, Kylie, Rihanna, and others... Their followers followed, logically.

If matte lipstick has taken the reins, it's because that it has several advantages. And, on this point, all opinions agree! The velvet mouth is the epitome of absolute sophistication, elegance, mystery. And it's magnificently deep in color, more rich, so very imposing on the red carpet. Beyond its visual excellence, we like the brush applicator that goes hand in hand with liquid lipsticks—so sensual, and its wear is out of this world.

The hardcore matte red is not without reproach 

It's sure got it all, matte lipstick. But this trend also has its flaws. Matte lipstick has 3 great makeup faux-pas which absolutely need to be solved.

-Matte lipsticks are ridden with chemicals: Its formula is most generally saturated with crude oil and silicone to ensure long-lasting wear, but neither are good for you or for the environment, where they eventually end up. Okay, so your pillows aren't carmine-stained, but hello...synthetic. It's estimated that a woman ingests up to 2 kg of lipstick in her lifetime: we think twice before putting anything on the lips. And let's not even get into animal-based cosmetic ingredients... 

-Matte lipsticks dry lips: It must be said that the silicone found in matte lipstick has no moisturizing power. On slightly dry lips, matte can actually make things a lot worse: feelings of discomfort, dried or even chapped lips at the end of the day... And if you have lips that are slightly marked with wrinkles or fine lines, this dry finish won't help at all.

-Matte lipsticks highlight blemishes, thin lips, or irregular complexions: Lipsticks with a matte finish also tend to draw more attention to lips and shed light on complexion defects. While shinier textures capture the light and give the impression of plumper lips, hardcore matte finishes can made features seem more defined. What do you think: is it better to have the appearance of a perfect complexion? With a matte mouth, any small defect is unfortunately highlighted.

So is showing these flaws inevitable? Is that the price to pay? No way! ALL TIGERS is here! ;-) 

"Easy-matte" lipstick by ALL TIGERS: the new generation of matte

"And the award for Best Matte Lipstick is given to..." Okay, we'll (try to) remain modest...

It must be said that ALL TIGERS was co-created by a women's community on Instagram, and they clearly had all the strengths as well as the flaws of matte lipsticks in mind when mentioning their wants. A top formula is clearly needed—but in a green and vegan version, please! Natural lipstick, the opinions are unanimous: this is the real trend. 

Organic (Minimum 30%) and Natural (up to 100%) Ingredients, zero animal-based ingredients, long-lasting, comfortable... but we can't forget the makeup result: a beautiful and softer matte, rich and easy to wear.

The perfect balance between vibrancy and shine, ALL TIGERS "easy-matte' finish blends the trendy matte with a more discrete look. For lovers of a more casual air, have no fear: its easy shine avoids drawing attention to complexion irregularities. It gives relief to thin lips, especially on the most vivid shades. Its formula saturated with up to 100% natural and vegan vegetable oils nourishes lips throughout the day. Long-lasting wear makes it good as gold. In short? It's got it all going on.

The pleasure of liquid lipstick

Green and vegan, yes, but there's just one more thing. Liquid lipstick has emerged as the preeminent sensual cosmetic which outdates the classic stick. Grab the tube.  Unscrew the top. Take out the applicator. Observe the creamy, dense, and shiny texture on the brush. Spread the product on the upper lip, then the lower lip. (Pout a bit? Okay). Blot your lips together. Grab a tissue, dab it between your lips. Admire the rich color, the easy application, the matte result without excess. Give yourself a little smack in the mirror. CALL ME QUEEN! 

Here, the Mac screen continues to project its bluish light on the stack of magazines nearby. The obsession gets worse: we see lips everywhere, on every coder... Well, it's time to take a break. A little cat nap in the hammock under the trees? Sounds good. We'll conquer the jungle later.

Whether you're #TeamScroll or #TeamFlip, the queen of the jungle is YOU. You want to take the reins of ALL TIGERS? There’s one thing you can do: follow us on Instagram and let your voice be heard.  We consult our community every step of the way. Ready to roar? ROAARRR!

[Photo Hey Beauti]

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