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Brown Eyes Makeup - What colors to enhance your brown eyes ?

Here is the last (but not least!) of our “Making Your Eyes Gorgeous” series... This time, we are going to talk about brown, hazel, and amber eyes. Brown is a mixture of the three primary colors: red, blue, and yellow. This makes it a perfect partner for any color! Making your brown eyes stand out is pretty easy if you follow these makeup tips. You can have a sophisticated or simple makeup look  thanks to the large palette of colors at your disposal. When you have brown eyes, the possibilities are endless! Lucky you ;)

Discover the perfect colors for an incredible look, our selection of ALL TIGERS eyeshadows, and a great tutorial for beginners.

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The Perfect Colors for Your Brown Eyes

With such gorgeous brown eyes, both warm and cooler tones brighten up your look. So, play with both according to your mood, the occasion, and your tastes. For work, you can turn to more neutral and subtle tones, whereas for a night out, you can blend more unique colors for a wild, interesting look. Everything is about what you want!

The range of makeup colors for brown eyes is huge. As previously mentioned, brown is a mixture of the primary colors red, yellow, and blue. So, any hue in the color wheel goes great with brown eyes! But of all the colors, blue tints are the most adapted for brown. We therefore suggest going for the different shades of blue if you want to add makeup to your brown eyes. Electric blue, navy, stone, and even indigo will make your brown eyes shine.

Discover the ALL TIGERS eyeshadows trio Tiger's Brown Eyes - Blue and Grey Palette

But before you delve even further into our advice, let’s stop for a minute and study the color of your iris. Is it light or dark? (BTW, did you know that each iris is unique?! It’s like DNA). 

1. Light Brown Eyes  

The best bet for people with light brown eyes are golden, champagne, and bronze shades. But that’s not all! Other eyeshadow colors like taupe and brown go so well with your eyes, too. If truth be told, applying makeup to light brown eyes is child’s play. Green, yellow, orange, and red hues also show off the beauty of brown eyes. And bold colors that pop are a safe bet.

Green and purple brighten up light brown eyes. Light eyelids are perfect for making your eyes shine. You’ll glow like a goddess!

Discover the ALL TIGERS Eyeshadows Trio Tiger's Brown Eyes - Green and Gold Palette : that green tones palette will ferociously highlight your light brown eyes. 

So, have fun, play, test, and start over! Let your imagination and energy soar. Roar!

2. Dark Brown Eyes

Darker shades of eyeshadow are ideal for dark brown eyes. Choose a charcoal gray, a sweet plum, or a fir green color. The aim is to turn up the notch of intensity to your look. And finish it off with a black, navy, or brown eyeliner. This will add depth to your allure.

Or, instead, are you a fan of light, pastel, summery colors? Well, go ahead! This is sure to make your brown eyes dazzle.

So, to sum it up, the best eyeshadow colors for brown eyes are:

Dare to wear intricate makeup, liner, shiny shades, and mascara.

Simple makeup tip - When you’ve got brown eyes, you cannot go wrong with any color. But don't forget to consider your skin and hair color. If you have a light complexion, opt for cooler eyeshadow shades. If you have a dark complexion, you’ll be an absolute stunner with warmer hues.

To discover all tones that will ferociouscly highlight your brown eyes, it's just here


Our selection of ALL TIGERS Eyeshadows Pencils

At ALL TIGERS, we seek to bring you energy and the freedom to express yourself. This is why our range of eyeshadow colors are adapted for every iris shade possible.

The 3-in-1 eyeshadow pencil is 100% vegan & cruelty-free and contains up to 100% of ingredients from natural origin. It goes on in the blink of an eye. Use it as an eyeliner, a light eye tint thanks to its easy-blend texture, or an intense eyeshadow when you color in your lids completely. The best!

Colored pencils make your eyes pop with little to no effort at all. We're addicted, we admit. All you have to do to makeup your brown eyes is trace a line along the edge of your upper lashes and dab it with a little brush. Play around with thickness of the line for an extra trendy air.

And as you can see, the range of shades perfect for your eyes goes hand-in-hand with our selection of eyeshadows.


This invigorating, intense, and incredibly fierce green is a favorite. Plus, the shade is delicately metallic, which gives off a subtle sheen. This is the perfect eyeshadow to play with. Create and reveal a captivating look! Green also adds a natural, luscious touch to your beautiful brown eyes. And for simple makeup application, a dash of this liner radiates a bold style.

Olive Green “WATCH OUT I ROAR | 304”

Olive green is a natural, committed color. It is one of the eyeshadows for brown eyes everyone should have in their makeup case. It blends well with other shades of green or brown for an intense gradient effect reminiscent of enchanted woods. It also goes great with taupe or copper natural eyeshadow colors.

Gold “WATCH ME REIGN | 311”

Gold is the eyeshadow that lights up a look in total discretion. A must have, it is essential for brown eyes. It brings about a simple makeup look but can also be worn for a dazzling, sophisticated touch to your lid. You're not going to want to pass this up!

Blue “ALWAYS LOOK UP | 306”

The blue eyeshadow pencil is super pigmented and slightly shiny. It brightens up any look at the snap of a finger. Wear it as a liner or shadow. This 3-in-1 pencil slides on easily for a simple makeup look or elaborate aura. Plus, it's perfect for winter to make your complexion glow.


This intense plum is the color for brown eyes. It blends perfectly with other shades for a unique, powerful, and bold look. And, as a liner, it gives off a particularly special allure. Looking to go bold? Wear it as a full-on eyeshadow! This pretty plum hue will really make your eyes pop in summer when the days are hot and sunny!



Copper is the king of a perfect gradient effect. It has its place amongst all the choices. Versatile, this shade is perfectly paired with any other color. It gives a pep to any step, guaranteed!


How to makeup your brown eyes? 

Are you gaga over the makeup a friend, colleague, or acquaintance with brown eyes wears? Well, in just two minutes flat, you can apply your own brown eyes once you've followed this tutorial. So, let’s learn how to master a simple makeup application. For this, you’ll need copper shadow, a 3-in-1 olive green pencil, gold shadow, and black or brown mascara.   

STEP 1: Apply the copper shadow to the entire lid.

STEP 2: Dab a bit of the olive green shadow onto the outer corner of your eye. You can blend it in with your finger or a brush.

STEP 3: Apply a streak of the olive green pencil to the edge of your upper eyelids to make your eyes look deep and intense.

STEP 4: Dab just a touch of the gold pencil underneath your brow and to the inner corner of your lid. Then, blend it in.

STEP 5: Use a brown or black mascara for long, luscious lashes.

See, this little tutorial to makeup your brown eyes wasn't so hard, was it? You can also opt for other colors like taupe and brown or plum and gold. Be creative, innovative, and yourself! Your eyes will be dazzling thanks to our makeup tips for either a natural or wild effect. You choose according to what you want!

But there’s no doubt about it: brown eyes go well with everything—it's definitely a plus. There really aren't any makeup faux pas when it comes to drawing attention to your pretty, brown eyes. But there are some shades more advised than others to brighten your look and feature your iris.

What are your favorite colors?

What shade do you always have by your side?

If you want to continue to create ethical and natural cosmetics, join the movement and take the reins of ALL TIGERS! Follow us on Instagram and let your voice be heard.  We consult our community every step of the way. Ready to roar? ROAARRR!



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