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The 2019 Makeup Trends for Skin, Eyes, and Lips

Okay, so while we may not find ourselves influenced by all the latest trends, we like to check them out anyway! With Cécile from the blog Les confidences de Lizzie, we uncover the makeup trends for skin, eyes and lips of the upcoming year.

Hello TIGERS! 2019 is here and with it comes its latest trends. With every year, we see the new trends emerging from fashion and makeup. Even when we take a step back and assess the newest fad, making sure to not fall into the role of fashion victim, we must admit: it's sometimes fun to check out. What does 2019 have in store for us, it seems? More natural, cooler—and bolder, too.

Makeup for Skin, Eyes, and Lips: What's in Store for 2019

What are the makeup trends that I see emerging in 2019? Here, I'll take a look at every makeup product family.


Makeup Trend for Skin: A Vibrant but Natural Complexion

Great coverage, a perfect complexion...Photoshop, anyone? This trend is over. This season, fresh-faced and natural rise to the top. Skin is intended to be bright, fresh and dewy. A healthy glow is key! To do this, foundation falls to the wayside in favor of tinted creams or even BB and CC sunscreen concealers so often neglected in winter. The whole should be topped off with a coral or pink blush blended with light bronzer to give a subtly sun-kissed complexion. Natural takes over. No more caked-on foundation to hide even the smallest blemish. Minimalist is in, a delight for the 10-minute makeup routine.

Focus on the Gaze: Daring Eye Makeup

Back to bold! It seems to me that eyes are taking on strong and daring makeup trends. Liner will be thicker, denser, and even more wild and unique. We dare to wear colorful and vivid makeup with bright, bold hues. Neons make a sensational entrance: here, you can find corals, peaches, and plums. We're going to shine bright like a diamond. And, in 2019, glitter is back on stage! Powders will be less of importance as trendsetters embrace glossy for a fluid and sumptuous look. These makeup trends promise change! Are you ready, TIGERS?

Brow Beauty: Less Work, More Easy

How about we stop putting pressure on our eyebrows? There was a time when eyebrows were perfectly plucked, shaped, brushed, drawn, and contoured. I am announcing that this is indeed over. As it has for skin, the natural look has comes back at full speed. Eyebrows are drawn, OK, but subtly. We accept them a little more as they are. We brush and fill them—but we stop there. That's the Jungle Queen spirit, right? We let our true nature take over! It's time to embrace our eyebrows.

Lip Makeup: The Velvet Mouth

Lips are pampered with smooth, creamy textures. All right, gloss gets a place, but it's the semi-matte that explodes. It has everything to please: the perfect balance of richness, voluptuousness, and modernity. Lipsticks plump lips and give them volume. I'm telling you: the mouth is a work of art this spring 2019! Lipstick will awaken the more natural complexion. Showcasing the mouth is key—I love it! And in a green and vegan version, it's even better: lips will be colorful and found in tones of coral, fuchsia, plum, and red. You'll see that ALL TGERS lipsticks with their "easy-matte" finish and bold, intense colors will be perfect to illuminate your make-up and stay with the trend!

What do you think about these 2019 makeup trends? Are you a fan?

Beyond all these trends, there is one, much deeper, than I have close to hear: natural and vegan makeup. This surely won't fizzle out at the end of the season: my favorite ALL TIGERS remains at the forefront of the movement! These are new desires, new goals we'll all strongly hold on to. But I'll talk about that next time... ;-)

Cécile from the blog Les confidences de Lizzie

1 comment

oh beauté


Bravo pour cet article bien complet!
D’habitude, je ne cherche pas à me procurer des dernières tendances dans mes choix de maquillage mais plutôt pour les choses qui me conviendraient le plus…J’avoue que tes sélections me font de l’œil, et j’apprécie beaucoup tes conseils, surtout pour les sourcils, je suis toute à fait d’accord avec toi, je déteste les sourcils tracés avec excès !

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