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A Dark Lip: Dare To Wear It With These 4 Tips!

A Dark Lip in Burgundy, Brown, or Purple: #DarkLips, Is It For Me or Not?

Already heard about the "dark lip" trend? On the catwalk or on the street, mouths have recently dared to be bold. For the past few seasons in every show —from Paco Rabanne to Prada, from Vivienne Westwood to Puma—blue, black, and brown lips boast their dark extravagance. That's the dark lips trend: ultra-dark hues like black cherry, oxblood, or black ...

On the ALL TIGERS Instagram page, dark colors have been popular with the community, proof that these shades are no longer reserved for the whims of an haute couture fashion show. But the question of the day is: how are burgundy, brown, or purple lipsticks worn? If you haven't yet stepped over to the dark side, this article is for you.

Dark Lipsticks, A Natural and Vegan Version

"Oh, but women who love organic aren't really into makeup, or more discreet colors..." Of course, my good lady, one cannot be organic AND trendy. Surely, if you go green, you're granola all over, just give up showers completely and dress in kraft paper and birch wood flip flops...Uh huh... Yeah, these are the kind of stereotypes we hear all day long when we take on a project like ALL TIGERS...

ALL TIGERS dark shades

When we think of an organic or natural lipstick, we should apparently be content with just classic matte shades, like beige and rosewood, perhaps a red, but in any case nothing unusual... Well, here at ALL TIGERS, conventions and clichés are thrown out the window! For us, we love natural when its wild, when it breaks the codes and goes beyond expectations. What's your stance?

We think that dark lipstick should also be available in a natural and vegan version. We too want the lips of Kylie, Huda, Rihanna... So, if you also want to test this dark lip trend and even adopt these complex shades of darkness every day, here are some tips on how to wear a burgundy, a maroon, or even an intense violet confidently. And besides, with ALL TIGERS, it's natural and vegan. It's the green dark version. So, let's go Tigers!

4 Tips for Wearing Dark Lipstick

Ready to tip the scales? If you generally aren't a follower of dark shades, here are some useful rules before attempting the dark lips experience.

Rule # 1 for Dark Lipstick: Test in Autumn or Winter

Don't often wear burgundy or purple? It will be much easier if you follow the seasonal tones. Unsurprisingly, dark lip shades return every year in force from the beginning of autumn to the heart of winter, because they blend more naturally with our choice of outfit and environment.

Rule # 2 for Dark Lipstick: Test for a Party

Dark lipsticks are easy to wear during the day. But if you're still in the test or acclimation phase (for yourself or your entourage!), the change will undoubtedly be less abrupt during a dinner or a party. This new look will be easier to pull off during any exceptional event. And it's cheaper and more effective than a nice bag or super shoes to get an ultra-fashionable look!

Rule # 3 for Dark Lipstick: Don't Load on the Makeup

Though ideal for adding a bit of character to any mug, you don't need to ride a Harley to rock the dark lip... To avoid the Cruella effect, we prefer a soft eye and just a touch of makeup on the skin. Minimalist is key. Add a little foundation (preferably mat) or powder, a touch of mascara, and voila!

Rule # 4 for Dark Lipstick: Be the Queen of Illusion

Dark lipsticks tend to make lips look thinner. For those with relatively thin lips, two tips are available. The first: use a pencil. We gently insist on outlining your lips to "thicken" them visually. The second: the famous stroke of the brush! After applying the lipstick of your choice, load a brush with the same lipstick and apply it gently around the outer edges of your lips. Magic, the lips appear plumper. Ta-da!

How Do You Choose the Best Dark Lipstick?

Now that you are ready to embrace the dark lip trend, you still have to choose the lipstick color that will suit you best.

Because the basic question is not whether you have fair, olive, or dark skin. Instead, the important thing is to determine your skin's undertone—that's to say, whether your complexion is warm, cool, or neutral. There are different methods to determine your undertone. One is, for example, if you think of your favorite jewelry: which precious metal suits you best? If it's gold, chances are you have a warm skin tone. If it's silver, your complexion is probably cooler. Do you look great in anything? No doubt you have a neutral skin tone. 

  • Warm complexions will opt for more autumnal lipsticks, which draw on browns or oranges. In the ALL TIGERS range, you will find the BROWN RED 889 Lipstick: this red mixed with a touch of brown will give your mouth a fiercely rockin' look.
  • Cool complexion? Your comfort zone will go more towards pinks or light blues... So, for a dark lip look, the best choice for you would be the PURPLE 980 Lipstick, a slightly grayish-purple for a wild rocker look. Note that the purple isn't as intense on dark skin: it's more so a subtle and sophisticated effect; it's the perfect "nude" for dark skin.
  • Neutral complexion? You are not limited to certain colors, you can dare purple or brown, but you can also try the BURGUNDY RED 887 Lipstick: it's got all the traits of a classic red, but the aspect of glam is pushed up a few notches. Powerful and sophisticated.

The ALL TIGERS conclusion? Lipstick is always an opportunity to constantly reinvent oneself and to reveal new facets of one's personality. Even for those more used to nude hues, allow yourself to confidently wear a nice burgundy lipstick, a maroon lipstick, or deep violet lips. In terms of style, there's only one thing to do: ROCK IT!

Whether you're #TeamDark or #TeamLight, the queen of the jungle is YOU. You want to take the reins of ALL TIGERS? There’s one thing you can do: follow us on Instagram and let your voice be heard.  We consult our community every step of the way. Ready to roar? ROAARRR!

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