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A Natural Lipstick, What Does That Mean?

ALL TIGERS is first and foremost about our commitment to a natural formula. So what's a "green" lipstick? 

A lipstick is the combination of a base (about 80% of the formula) and a mix of colored pigments (about 20% remaining). However, most industrial lipsticks in the market have a formula base made essentially of chemicals: crude oil, silicone, synthetic filters... During her lifetime, a woman is said to ingest up to 2 kg of lipstick...might as well say "bon appetit!"

There are quite a few alternatives: some brands offer lipsticks with more natural formulas, some certified organic, but we can't say they've all made a great impact on the market. ALL TIGERS strives to change this.

The natural lipstick by ALL TIGERS

The concept of "natural" is not always very clear in cosmetics, and it is always better to look more closely at the way brands formulate their product. Right from the start, we made the decision that the base (80% of the formula) would be made up of purely natural ingredients.

Besides the potential health effects, the major advantage of natural is comfort. In a regular drugstore lipstick, crude oils are applied to the surface of the lips without nourishing them. The base of our lipstick is a mix of vegetable oils (castor, coconut, jojoba, sunflower...), carnauba wax, and aloe vera for a nutritious and comfortable formula.

Why ALL TIGERS is mostly made up of organic ingredients but doesn't have an organic label

To go further in our commitments, we have selected ingredients from organic farming, which account for 30% to 40% of the final formula. Wait—30% to 40% organic ingredients, and yet the range is not certified organic? (Standards require at least 20%). Well, we gave it up because, despite the high concentration of organic ingredients in our products, there are very specific rules and specifications for the rest of the formula, and the organic label is especially restrictive for the kind of color pigments allowed.

There is, however, one particular pigment we truly wanted to avoid: though allowed by the organic labels, we said no to carmine, the red pigment that's extracted from the cochineal insect. Did you know? This charming little insect– but only females–has the particularity, or rather the misfortune, of producing a natural red pigment, which is used in cosmetics or food. To extract it, it must be scalded, dried, and crushed...hmm... natural, certainly, but rather cruel, and neither appealing nor vegan. Seriously, who wants to put that on their lips? And what good would it do to participate in the protection of an animal on one hand, and slay thousands more? This isn't the direction we chose, period. Too bad, but we had to forget about the organic label. 

And among our other convictions, it seems essential to offer a palette of colors worthy of a makeup artist. As a result, to avoid the use of animal-based ingredients, and to have a wide range of shades, we have chosen to also use some synthetic pigments, in addition to natural pigments, which are not in the organic repertoire. The 20% pigments in each formula are therefore a mix of natural and synthetic pigments.

In the end, the formulas are made up of 82% to 100% natural ingredients, with 30% to 40% of those organic, depending on the shade. Quite the accomplishment, thanks to the talent of our natural and organic lab in Italy.

Aside from the choice of pigments, ALL TIGERS follows the rules of organic formulas as much as possible. Dubious or controversial ingredients are excluded. And the cherry on the top? The formula does not contain essential oils or gluten. The range is also vegan and cruelty-free, but this will be the subject of another article.

The packaging approach: doing the best  

ALL TIGERS also follows the rules of organic labels in our packaging choices. When it comes to eco-design, we can't perform miracles, but we attempt to make the most reasonable choices. All parts that make up the lipstick tube are authorized materials by organic reference labels. The cardboard packaging is not glossy and does not have added metal in order to maximize its ability to be recycled. It's good, but it's just the beginning: we can certainly do better and this is part of our path to continually improve for the future. 

Whether you're #TeamOrganic or #TeamVegan, the queen of the jungle is YOU. You want to take the reins of ALL TIGERS? There’s one thing you can do: follow us on Instagram and let your voice be heard.  We consult our community every step of the way. Ready to roar? ROAARRR!  

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